8 Killer Bodyweight Exercises To Build Muscle Quickly


Everyone knows that in order to build muscle, you have to give the body enough resistance. Therefore you have to lift heavy enough weights where you are tearing the muscles, and then helping build them back up. Since not everyone is into lifting weights, you’ll be surprised to learn that bodyweight training can be just as effective when it comes to building muscle.

If done properly, bodyweight training can be a helpful tool in our daily lives, and very beneficial to one’s health. Mastering bodyweight training takes a lot of repetition and patience. But once you have mastered it, you can feel the difference when it comes to performing daily routines.

Even if you can only complete a rep or two, set goals for yourself as you try them. Below you will find some killer bodyweight exercises to help you build muscle quickly. I would recommend that you take your time and focus on getting the technique down.

1. Burpees

If you’re looking for an exercise that really works the entire body, look no further than burpees. Everyone’s favorite exercise of course. There’s not a lot of bodyweight exercises that can tear down every single muscle in the body better than burpees.

Not only will you be building muscle, but you will burn a whole lot of calories in the process. This exercise will test every muscle in your body as you try to complete this exercise. Although it may be hard at first, once you get used to it, you will notice the amazing benefits this one exercise has to offer.

2. Chin/Pull-Ups

Although both the chin-up and pull-up are the same type of exercise, they differ in the placement of where the hands are on the bar. Some would consider the chin up a somewhat easier exercise to perform than the pull up. Regardless, they both require a lot of upper body strength.

Start off with the chin up and work your way to the pull-ups. Mastering this exercise requires a lot of patience and hard work, but if you can, you will see how quickly the muscles start to build up in your biceps, lats and back.

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3. Dips

There are so many ways to really test your muscles with this exercise. This exercise is great for targeting the chest and tricep muscles. For added resistance, you can purchase a weight belt and attach weights to it. If you really get good at it, you can even lift your legs to also work out your abs.

4. Inverted Rows

The inverted row is a great exercise for working out the mid back and biceps. Many start off with this exercise when trying to get stronger with the upper body. You can try this exercise if you are someone looking to get better at pull-ups. You can increase the level of difficulty as you increase the incline of your body.

5. Jump Squats

If you’re looking for a heart pumping exercise, then look no further than the jump squat. This exercise will have your legs burning in no time. You set up your body just as you would a regular squat, but now you add a jump to it. Try doing about 3 sets of 15 reps and see how you feel afterwards. Set goals for yourself as you get stronger.

6. Rope Climbing

Remember the days when you had to climb a rope in gym class? Well who knew it could be such an effective exercise. This exercise will test all parts of your body as you try to climb the rope.

When starting off, along with using your arms to pull you up, make sure to use your legs as well. Once you’ve mastered the technique, try climbing the rope without the use of your legs. This will really test your strength.

7. Handstand Push-Ups

I hope you’ve been working on that core strength when trying this exercise, because this exercise will test it big time. This exercise will help you build out some really nice shoulders. You first want to try this exercise with the use of a wall and hold it for about 60 seconds. Once you can master that, then you are ready to try it without the assistance of a wall.

8. One Legged Squats

Also known as pistol squats. This exercise requires a lot of patience. Not only will your legs be challenged, but your core will be as well. You really want to make sure you take your time and focus on technique when trying out this exercise. Even if you need to use a chair or stool to help keep your balance when starting off.

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