Benefits Of Having A Strong Core

Many people associate core strength to having a flat belly and a nice six pack.  As motivating as it may sound to have those thoughts in mind, understanding how to strengthen core muscles is crucial when it comes to improving your overall health.

There is also a misconception out there that the core is made up of just the abdominals when really the core consists of both the lower back and pelvic area.  

Many people neglect working on the core since you do not see immediate results, but the health benefits of having a strong core can be tremendous.

I will try to help explain why it is important to have a strong core when it comes to achieving your fitness goals.

What Are The Benefits Of Strong Core Muscles

Back Pain Relief – Dealing with low back pain can stop you from being productive in your daily routines. Those with weak core muscles are more prone to injury and back pain.  

This is due to the spine not having adequate support from the back.  Many people who have suffered from back pain found immediate relief as a result of strengthening the core.

Better Posture – If you have ever worked or been in an office, look around at the posture of those sitting down. How many are leaning forward with backs arched while working on their computers?  

Those who have strong core muscles are more cognisant of their posture because of the continuous effort to maintain proper posture when working out the core.

When backs are arched in the way you see many are in the office, that tends to be a welcoming party for lower back pain.  

Having a stronger core can help you be more aware of your posture when sitting for long periods of time.

Improved Balance – When it comes to improving balance, you hear people talk sometimes about center of gravity.  Your center of gravity comes from the lower part of your body, mainly your core and legs.  

So when trying to improve balance, making sure you strengthen the core helps bring better balance to your body.

Prevent Injuries – Like most people who are busy with kids, work or family life, there are always chores to do around the home or office.  

Whether you are cleaning or moving heavy objects arounds, you are more prone to injuries with these type of activities.

It helps to have a strong core as it may make you less susceptible to injury.  Especially if you are not educated on how to lift things up properly.  

Many people tend to lift with their back instead of their legs, in which a strong core can assist in.

Improved Performance – When you put everything together, having a strong core can drastically improve your overall performance in anything you do.  Regardless if you are a professional athlete, or just someone who is working on improving their fitness.

Strengthening the core can improve your performance drastically.  Many people don’t realize how much they engage their core in many of their daily activities.  

Your core is pretty much the link between the upper body and the lower body and in order for everything to move properly, the link must be strong.

Activities To Strengthen Your Core

Since the core is pretty much used for almost any activity you participate in, doing just about anything can help, but you want to make sure you are focused on strengthening the core while having fun in the process. So below are some of the many activities that you can participate in to help activate the core and have fun doing it:

Yoga – is great for strengthening the core with all the different poses which target core specific muscles. Although it may look simple since there are no weights involved, but don’t be fooled by it since it takes a lot to be able to hold the poses for the amount of time necessary.

Kickboxing – if you are looking for the ultimate core strengthening exercise, you will definitely find it with kickboxing.  Whether you are doing Jab, crosses or roundhouses, you are sure to be strengthening the core with every twist and turn.  Not only will the workout be intense, you will have a lot of fun doing it.

Swimming – not only is swimming easy on the joints, but with every movement you are getting a major core workout.  Especially if you are someone that is new to exercise, swimming is a good way to get the core activated without putting too much stress on the body.

Rowing – requires a lot of core strength, so if rowing peaks your interest, then know that it is a great way to stay active and help build up a strong core.

Jump Rope – great warm up tool for anyone getting started with exercise.  Using a jump rope is one of the best total body cardio workouts out there as it takes good core strength to make sure you have proper balance while improving coordination.  A very underutilized tool, try adding jump roping to your fitness arsenal.

So please share below the benefits you feel from having a stronger core

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Martina - November 16, 2016

Great article! As a Pilates instructor, i also highly recommend Pilates for core strengthening. Many people do not realize the risks of a weak core until its too late (a messed up back being a major reason why I see a lot of my clients!) Integrating core work into your routine is essential to the health of your spine.

    Ralph - November 16, 2016

    Oh man, how could i have forgotten about Pilates. But yes you are right! Many back injuries could be prevented with having a stronger core. Thanks Martina!

Lee - November 16, 2016

I had no idea that core related exercises had such an effect on the body, Injury, posture and balance. I have learnt a lot here and its all very informative. I actually do a lot of swimming but didn’t realise the extent of how much my core is engaging whilst training. Great article really enjoyed the read!

    Ralph - November 16, 2016

    Thanks Lee! The core is used for pretty much everything we do, that is why it is so important to always work on strengthening it.

Peteni Kuzwayo - November 16, 2016

Hi Ralph

Great post man.

I’m a long distance runner. I’ve run over 40 marathons and 20 ultra marathons.

The training required for such races is intense, and it includes a lot of cross-training. My cross-training entails doing a lot of gym work. And that’s where I do my core workouts.

So, i agree 150% that a strong core is essential.

I also love how you explain the importance of the core in our everyday lives. This is something very few people realize.

Once again, lovely post.


    Ralph - November 16, 2016

    Thanks Peteni! I feel it is important for anyone that is not an athlete to understand that the core is also important in your everyday lives. We all do activities where we are prone to injury and having a strong core can help prevent those injuries.

Fairweather Green - November 16, 2016

Great article full of information relative to my back pain condition.

From your ‘Activities’ section of the article, I am only able to do the swimming as a form of exercises.

Do you think kickboxing will help me with my back pain problem or should I work on my core muscles in some other way first?

    Ralph - November 16, 2016

    kickboxing can be very intense and involves a lot of movement. I would definitely consult with your doctor depending on how severe you back pain is. Hope you back pain gets better.

jCamden - November 15, 2016

I really loved this. I expected it to be filled with recommendations of situps, crunches, and other abdominal exercises that can actually weaken your core if your pelvic muscles and abdominals aren’t strong enough. I like that instead you included physical activities that will absolutely help to strengthen your entire core. A strong core leads to a better body overall. That’s why it’s called your core 😀

    Ralph - November 16, 2016

    Exactly! The cores is not all about the abs. It’s about building a strong center which helps create better balance. Glad you enjoyed the article Jessica!

Kathy - November 15, 2016

These are great pointers for developing core strength. I can see now how this can be really beneficial for one’s health. I have been doing yoga regularly and though I am aware of the beneficial effects it has on my general well being, now I realize how this can contribute to my overall health and fitness. I am now looking at kickboxing to add more to my regimen. Thanks.

    Ralph - November 16, 2016

    Yes Kathy! The core is super important as it helps create better balance and strength. you should definitely do the kickboxing as it is so addictive and it works. Many people tend to get bored with exercise and I promise that you will not get bored with kickboxing.


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