Ab Carver Pro Review – Build Stronger Abs

When it comes to doing ab workouts, there isn’t a routine I do that doesn’t involve the ab carver pro. Even when i’m too busy and can’t make it to the gym, I just bring out the ab carver pro and do my ab workouts in the comfort of my home.

On days where I am unable to make it to the gym, I will decide to do multiple sets of ab workouts first thing in the morning. I don’t have to worry about waiting on any machines at the gym or having to feel bad if I can’t make it to the gym.

I can work on all parts of my abs with one single machine, which makes working out with the Ab Carver Pro so amazing. What also makes this machine so great is that it not only works the ab, but more importantly, the core.

That’s why I’m excited to be able to share with you some of the amazing benefits of using this machine in this review.

Ab Carver Pro Results training levels

Gone are the days where you thought doing a thousand crunches would get you the results you wanted. With the Ab Carver Pro, you are able to focus on a larger target when it comes to building solid abs.

Not only are you working out the stomach, but you are also strengthening the core. Which consists of the lower back, pelvis and abs.

Strengthening the core allows you to be more balanced and helps improves other physical activity done during the day. By focusing on the core, you will be able to reap the many health benefits it can provide.

Regardless of your experience, you can adjust your ab workouts according to your fitness level.

Can Improve Lower Back Pain

If you are someone who is dealing with lower back pain, there can be a handful of reasons for this. Sometimes it is due to some type of trauma put on the back, but most of the times it is due to a weak core.

Research has shown that lower back pain can be attributed to having a weak core, and those that have gone on to strengthen it, came back reporting less pain in their lower back.

With this machine, you can help strengthen your core which will also improve your posture and and prevent future injuries from occurring

Support And Comfort support

The Ab Carver Pro was made with your comfort in mind.

The handles were made to be easy on both the wrists and hands as you are able to have a firm grip so you don’t slip as you are doing your ab workout.

It also comes with knee pads for those with hardwood floors at home.

You are able to roll back and forth with ease and not have to worry about any discomfort other than the killer workout you are putting your abs through.

The wheel rolls flawlessly in any direction you go as you move the wheel. Putting your abs through different angles to work the entire core.

Other Parts Of The Body

Not only are you giving your abs a workout, but the arms and shoulders get a piece of the action as well. See that’s what make the ab carver pro so great, a simple motion where you are rolling back in forth allows you to activate the other parts of the body as well.

In order to keep yourself up and balanced, your arms and shoulders have to be engaged. So not only are you getting a killer ab workout, but also building up the muscles of your arms and shoulders, helping giving it that nice lean look.

Will It Burn That Annoying Belly Fat

Keep in mind that burning belly fat is more about burning calories, and the simple formula for how that works is if you burn more calories than you consume, then you will burn fat and lose weight. The Ab Carver website has a number of exercises to help you progress through your workouts.  

So as long as you are being active with the ab carver pro and consistently doing the exercises at least 3 days a week, also making sure to maintain a healthy diet, you will see the magic of the ab carver. It will help bring that definition you are looking for when it comes to sculpting your abs.

If you are able to add this ab workout along with any other exercises you do during the week, I am confident you will see results in no time.

Does The Ab Carver Pro Work?

Fitness and Health is very important to me and if you are someone that is looking to strengthen their core and get nice looking abs, then I believe this product will work for you as do many others who LOVE their Ab Carver Pro.

It was hard for me to find any drawbacks with this product as it is a great product and the price is just right. As nice as it is to have that awesome 6 pack, core strength is just as important.

Especially if you are someone who struggles with lower back pain. You would be amazed at how a simple core workout could improve back pain immediately. I look at the 6 pack as an added bonus to the core strength you will develop during your workouts.

If these benefits sound like something you would enjoy, then I would highly recommend you pick up your very own Ab Carver Pro. If you are a big online shopper like myself, a great place to go and get it is amazon, as they will make sure you are able to receive it quickly.

They also offer the best deals for this ab roller. I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any question on the Ab Carver Pro or want to share your experience with it, please leave a comment below.

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Karlo - January 17, 2017

thank you for sharing a very interesting article about Ab Carver Pro.It seems like a great machine for getting abs and it is really easy to workout with ab carver pro. What I like about this product is the price and 30 day money back guarantee. Price is reasonable and I will consider to get one.
Have a nice day

    Ralph - January 27, 2017

    hey Karlo! You should definitely try it out. Many people neglect the core not knowing how important it is for balance and strength. The Ab Carver Pro can definitely assist in that department.

Carlton Gonder - January 2, 2017

Hey Ralph,

Thank you for taking the time to write such a great review.
When I got this request, I was kinda skeptical in the event that it truly worked. In the wake of playing with it for couple hours, I made sense of that, in view of your stature , you may need to move this wheel beginning from few creeps behind your knee cushions keeping in mind the end goal to have your body stretched out to the end of the spring loops inside and utilize the curl end imperviousness to return to ordinary position.

After I get accustomed to it, it has exactly the intended effect. Since I exhausted on my abs the main day, following day, I felt my stomach muscle muscles taken care of more than before with some definition appearing. I have low muscle to fat ratio ratios however I was lethargic doing abs workout and lost my 6 pack definitions, this one push me to remade the six pack.
Yours Truly,

    Ralph - January 3, 2017

    Hey Carlton! I’m glad you enjoyed the review! The Ab Carver Pro will def give your abs a great workout. So many people like to focus on getting the 6 pack, but building core strength is just as important. Keep working on that core and you will definitely feel the difference in your daily routines.

Nick - December 15, 2016

I actually own the Ab Carver Pro and I can honestly say that it’s by far my favorite Ab Wheel. I have owned a few others but this one is just awesome! The handles are positioned in a way that feels more comfortable, and the larger wheel is great for carving side to side.
I also have the kneeling pad which I use a lot and it still looks brand new!

I’m so glad to see this article promoting such a great product. =D

    Ralph - December 15, 2016

    Thanks Nick! it’s definitely a great tool to own for helping reach your fitness goals!

Michel - December 15, 2016

The ab carver pro sounds great and I like the way it even comes with knee pads, as lots of people battle with their knees when exercising, so they can’t get the full benefit of the exercise.

You say that this is a faster way to strengthen your core. Is it because the exercise is hard to do, or because it targets just the correct muscles, unlike sit-ups?

    Ralph - December 15, 2016

    Hey Michel! It is definitely hard to do, but yes, it’s because it target many more muscles than situps.

Smart Prince - December 15, 2016

Dude! This is my type of equipment. Though I love going hardcore with my body but when the same thing can be achieved with lesser effort and also covering different parts of the body, why would I let this skip.

Thanks a lot for the review. I’m also gonna recommend it to my lazy friend who want abs but by doing crunches lol.


    Ralph - December 15, 2016


bbradd - December 14, 2016

i see people using these things at the gym all the time. well i don’t know if it’s this brand but it is the same thing. anyway, the only people i see using it are already super ripped, like me 🙂 how do you think someone who does not have a strong core would go using this product? do you think they should use this thing or maybe start with another product? thanks

    Ralph - December 16, 2016

    Hey Brad! Thanks for your comment. Regardless of fitness level, anyone can use this. Especially if you are someone who is just starting their fitness program. There are different levels for using this machine which will allow you to progress gradually.

Asia P. - December 14, 2016

As someone who has an Ab Carver Pro myself I found this article to be spot on!! It’s super easy to use for all different levels of ability! I used to have a standard ab roller and it’s not nearly as effective as this Ab Carver Pro! Not only has it shown better results, it’s also much more comfortable due to the hand grip design as you pointed out!

    Ralph - December 15, 2016

    Thanks Asia! I’m glad that the Ab Carver has worked well for you. It really is a great item to help workout the core.

Gary - December 14, 2016

Good information about how important a strong core is. I totally agree. I have an ab wheel but it was a cheap one. It’s basically just a wheel with a straight bar through it and a little padding on it. This looks much nicer and the handles look better. Like you said, it works the arms and shoulders too. Does this have a spring in it? I’ve read that some ab wheels have springs to help you get back to the starting position.

    Ralph - December 16, 2016

    Hi Gary! Yes, the ab carver pro has carbon steel springs for added resistance.


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