5 Awesome Ways You Can Enjoy Blue Apron Meals

When I first heard about meal delivery services like blue apron, the first thing that crossed my mind was convenience. I thought about how much time this could save myself or anyone else from having to go grocery shopping. Waiting in long lines and wasting money buying things I know I didn’t need.5 awesome ways you can enjoy blue apron meals

We all know how grocery stores work, they make all the things not healthy for you so easy to access. Causing you to spend a lot more money than necessary and having you consume a bunch of unhealthy items. With blue apron, I started thinking about all the ways I could enjoy a blue apron meal to satisfy my dining needs.

Well in this article, I have come up with 5 awesome ways you can enjoy blue apron meals. Now it’s important for anyone that decides to try any of these options, to first figure out if this would make sense economically. Knowing how much blue apron costs per week will be helpful in determining that. So let’s start off with way number one.

1) Make It A Date Night

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What better way to impress a date then with a home cooked meal. Regardless if you’re single or married, having dinner is always a good option. I’ll be honest, cooking for me is certainly not a strength of mine. But with blue apron’s easy to follow instructions, preparing a tasty meal was definitely possible.

Even if you are someone that considers themselves to be a good cook, then preparing a meal should be a piece of cake. Blue apron gives you all the ingredients you need to make a tasty meal. Even better, all this can be done within an hour according to blue apron’s instructions.

2) Entertaining Guests

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Another great way to enjoy blue apron meals is if you’re thinking about having some friends or family over for dinner. Blue apron offers both 2 person plan or Family plan, where you could get anywhere from 6 to 16 meals for either 8.99 or 9.99 per meal, depending on which plan you choose.

Of course this is just me thinking outside the box. But his is an awesome way to enjoy a nice home cooked meal, without the hassle of having to go grocery shopping. You will however, have to worry about preparing multiple meals which could be quite annoying for some. But if you love to cook and are looking to wow your guest. This is a great way to do it.

3) Looking To Manage Weight

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When it comes to losing or gaining weight, it’s all about CALORIES. If you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight. If you consume more calories than you burn, you will gain weight. So making sure you understand this is key to getting results when it comes to managing your weight.

Studies have shown that eating out at restaurants may not be the most healthiest options when it comes to eating. A big reason for this is due to the amount of salt many restaurants put into the foods. So if you are someone that is looking to lose weight, eating out often may not be the best option for you.

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As someone that checks the dietary details on most foods I consume, I was pleased to see that blue apron makes this available with each meal. I was a little concerned about the high level of sodium in some of their meal choices, but I knew I could put less if needed. Being able to control how much of an ingredient goes into my meal was comforting. Unlike restaurants where you have no control.

So if you are looking to manage your weight, I think it helps to know how many calories you are looking to consume with each meal. Also, since too much sodium can cause bloating, being able to control the amount of salt that is going into your meal is key to maintaining good health

4) To Improve Cooking Skills


I consider myself good at a lot of things, but cooking is not one of them. I have a lot of respect for those that not only have the skill, but the patience to cook. I have tried many times to follow instructions when looking at online recipes, but could never get it right. But with blue apron, I found their instructions very easy to follow, even though my meals didn’t come out exactly like the pictures.

Although I was a bit worried about being able to cook my first blue apron meal, I was happy that I at least made the attempt. Going through the whole process of preparing my meals, I was able to learn about new ingredients I have never heard of before.

Also, being someone that likes to learn knew things, and master what I’ve learned, I saw this as a great challenge to improve and get better. So if you are someone that likes to cook but are not really good at it, you can definitely use blue apron as an opportunity to improve your cooking skills.

5) Give as a Gift

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I think this is probably one of my most favorite things about blue apron meals. Gift giving can be such a stressful thing. Trying to find the perfect gift for someone you care about can linger on the mind. With blue apron gift cards, you can give someone the gift of food.

So if you are someone that enjoys blue apron, then why not surprise someone you care about with a blue apron meal. You can either send that person the gift through an email, or print it out as a gift card and give it to that person. This is an awesome way to treat someone you care about with a tasty meal. They still have to prepare it of course.

Final Thoughts

So these are my 5 awesome ways you can enjoy blue apron meals. With so many people being health conscious, finding alternatives to eating out has never been more important. With meal delivery services like blue apron out there, they bring a very interesting dynamic to cooking.

By trying any of the ways I recommended above, you can have fun with it all the while enjoying a healthy blue apron meal. You first want to make sure it makes sense to you economically. But being that each meal costs either 8.99 or 9.99 per meal, you can see it is definitely an affordable option.

Even better, if you are first time customer with blue apron, you can get your first 3 meals free with your first order. With no long term contract, you can cancel at anytime hassle free.

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