Can 23andMe vs Ancestry DNA Test Improve Your Health?

When I first started hearing about take home DNA test kits, people were using them primarily to learn about 23andme vs ancestry dna testtheir family history.  But as time passed, these test kits have evolved into so much more.

With so many people trying to find new ways to improve their health, the health and fitness industry has taken notice. By coming up with ways to see if dna tests can be the key to helping people learn more about their bodies.

Since everyone is different, understanding your DNA could be the key to learning what can work best for you. Instead of taking the shotgun approach where you try a bunch of things, maybe taking a simple DNA test can help pinpoint what you need to do.

With so many companies getting into the fitness game, DNA testing is starting to gain a lot of traction.  In this article, I will be discussing two companies (23andMe & Ancestry) that have been doing this for a while. The question is, can 23andMe vs Ancestry DNA Tests Improve Your Health?

What Makes DNA Test Kits So Popular

You used to have to go to your doctor to get tested for anything dealing with your genetics.  Although you still do for anything that requires more advance knowledge, this is no longer the case.  People can now provide DNA samples with a simple drop of blood, or saliva.

What makes it so convenient is the fact that you can do all this in the comfort of your own home.  No need to wait in long lines just to get a test done. You are also given the privacy you would have at your doctor’s office. This makes taking these tests much more convenient.  Along with easy to follow instructions, providing a DNA sample is simple.

With more and more people wanting to learn more about their family history and genetics, the use of these tests can only grow. These tests also provide you with detailed reports so that you may get the full picture of everything you want to know.

23andMe DNA Test Review


23andMe is very interesting as they provide information for both your ancestry and health.  With just a saliva sample, you can get reports that detail everything you need to know about your history. From your family tree, down to your genes and how they play a role in your well being and lifestyle choices.

Keep in mind that the reports for your ancestry and health are sold separately.  So if you’re looking to just learn about your family history, you can do just that.  But if you’re looking dig deeper than just your family tree, 23andMe provides you with just that.

When I decided to get my report with 23andMe, being in the fitness industry, I chose to go with both the ancestry and health report.  Although it took a while for me to get my results, I was very excited to learn what kind of information they had.

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  • Receive Detailed Ancestry + Health Reports
  • Labs are CLIA Certified
  • DNA Collection Kit is FDA cleared
  • Team of scientists and medical experts
  • Uses Saliva Sample
  • Can view results online
  • Genotyping is a reliable platform for Analyzing DNA
  • Can take test at home
  • Sample is kept private according to GINA Law
  • Secure Database
  • Takes 6-8 weeks to receive reports
  • Possibility of telling you things you already know

Ancestry and Health Reports – You get a three genetic health risk report that will help you learn how your genetics can influence your risk of certain diseases. Three ancestry reports so you can discover where your DNA is from. Five wellness reports to learn how you genes play a role in your lifestyle choices. Forty carrier reports to learn if you are a carrier for any inherited conditions (great for anyone thinking about starting family).  Lastly, fifteen trait reports to learn how your traits influence you physically.

All you have to do is spit – depending on the test you are taking, some DNA test kits need a blood sample. Which for some, could be an issue of concern.  Whether you worry about privacy, or just have issues dealing with blood. The good thing about 23andMe is, the only thing they need is your saliva.

Online Results – once your DNA has been tested, 23andMe allows you to view your report online.  Giving you easy access to view all of your personal date when you want.  It usually takes a few weeks to get your results, but when it is ready, an email is sent to let you know.

Self-test kit – being able to provide your sample in the comfort of your home makes trying this out simple. You get the privacy needed without the long wait you would be going through at the doctor’s office.

Ancestry DNA Review


Founded in 1983, Ancestry has been in the DNA game for quite some time now.  They make it easy to trace your history by providing your with a family tree.  By letting you build out your tree and giving you specific details about how everything relates.

I do wish Ancestry provided reports that gave you insight about how your DNA affects your health. So if you’re looking to just get information in regards to your family history, ancestry is a great place to start.  Especially since this is what they specialize in with their huge database of members.

You can expect to learn a lot when it comes to analyzing your family history report.  What also makes ancestry so interesting is the fact that as their database grows, the better you can locate those who might be related to you.  This makes building out your family tree very exciting.

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  • Receive Detailed Ancestry Report
  • Use Industry Standard Security Practices
  • Uses Saliva Sample
  • Largest Online Family History Resource
  • Over 4 million participants
  • Can view report online
  • Uses state of the art technology to run tests
  • 98% call rate for DNA samples
  • Can take test at home
  • Receive updates as database grows
  • 6-8 weeks to receive results, possibly longer

Ancestry Privacy and Security – ancestry does quite of few things to ensure each DNA sample is provided with with the best security.  By storing both DNA sample and results without your name or any other identifying information. Ancestry allows you to download your data at any time.  At the same time, you can request to have your DNA results deleted according to their privacy statement, or even destroyed. So you have total control over your DNA.

Detailed Reports – your reports provide you genetic ethnicity estimates, along with potential DNA matches, which links you to others that may have taken the test. So it’s a great way to start with your family research.

Ancestry DNA Database – Ancestry is one of the largest online family history resource where they have over 4 million people that have taken the test.  The give you a very large source to discover who may be a part of your family.

View Reports Online – after you have provided your DNA sample, you have to wait a few weeks for the results. Once your results are ready, you will be sent an email that will provide a link for you to access your ancestry DNA account.

What’s Trending: Ancestry DNA vs 23andMe

If you look at the google trends chart below, you can see that both 23andMe and Ancestry are pretty close in terms of interest.

23andme vs ancestry dna test google trends


Comparison Chart: 23andMe vs Ancestry Reviews

23andMe Ancestry
Ancestry Report Yes Yes
Health Report Yes No
View Results Online Online
DNA Sample Type Saliva Saliva
Waiting Time 6-8 weeks 6-8 weeks
Learn More Check on Amazon Check on Amazon


Final Thoughts

Depending on what you are using the test kit for, this will help you decide which one will be best for you.  If you are just looking to get more info about the history of your family, then Ancestry DNA would be a great choice.

But if you’re looking to get a little bit more, especially when it comes to your health, then 23andMe is an even better choice.  They provide you with both Ancestry and Health reports.  Keep in mind that 23andMe charges more for both the Ancestry plus Health reports.  You can get your kits below on Amazon.


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Get Your 23andMe Ancestry + Health Kit

Get Your Ancestry Kit


Regardless of which one you choose, you can expect the process to be very simple and easy.  The worse part would probably be all the waiting you will have to do to get your results.  Both take anywhere between 6-8 weeks, and according to some, even longer.

I am very interested to see where this type of test goes in the future.  There is so much research going on these days especially when it comes to health and fitness.  Being able to use your DNA to help identify how your body responds to certain foods and activities could be a big help in getting you results.

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Elbert - August 3, 2017

Hey there, thanks for the good information here, I was surprise that nowadays people can easily get their DNA test and it can be done by ourselves, and its a good comparison you have there 🙂 I personally never get my DNA tested, but I might pay attention to your review before I have one in the future 🙂

    Ralph - August 3, 2017

    Thanks Elbert!  I’m glad you found this helpful.  You should definitely think about giving it a try. You never know what you may uncover within your DNA.

Kelli - August 2, 2017

Call me dumb but I didn’t actually know that you could learn your ancestry through DNA tests. When I think of family history I just assumed you would have to know names and go through a bunch of files or something to learn more. How much do these kind of services cost? I’d love to learn more about me and my husbands ancestry and genetics.

    Ralph - August 3, 2017

    Hey Kelli!  I wouldn’t call you dumb at all.  You’d be surprised at how many people are still unaware of these types of services.  I think more and more people are wanting to learn more about their DNA when it comes to their health and fitness.   

Jo - August 2, 2017

I heard about 23andMe, but never looked into it. The information you provide is very useful. I think the DNA health report is great, I find it more interesting than an ancestry report.
Finding out where your family is from is wonderful of course, but knowing about how your genes play a role in your lifestyle choice or learning if you are a carrier for any inherited conditions could be life changing. That is amazing.

    Ralph - August 2, 2017

    Hi Jo!  Yes I agree.  Being able to learn how you DNA can play a role in your overall health is important in my opinion.  Especially when living a certain lifestyle when it comes to nutrition and exercise, and you find out it’s not working out for you.  Your DNA may be able to break down why.  Thanks for commenting.

Jen Stickney - August 2, 2017

interesting review of the two DNA testing sites. I didn’t know you could do this. I’d researched it for my dog, but not me. LOL! You can get saliva tests to submit for your pets to find out what breeds are in them. We rescued a mutt from the humane association, so I’ve always been curious to see what type of breeds are in him so that we might know what complications to expect as he gets older.

Cool to see that I can see what kind of “mutt” I am too. 🙂 I will have to look into them. I wish you had included some prices in your review as part of the comparison. I’m curious to see how they compare on that end as well. But I’ll look into them and see that too.

Both seem like good options depending on what you’re after. Hmm…. decisions, decisions.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    Ralph - August 2, 2017

    You’re welcome Jen!  Saliva tests for pets is something I never really thought about, but when you think about it, it really isn’t that surprising.  Researchers are doing so much these days to help people learn more about how their genetics affect their health.  I am still doing some updates on the article, so definitely stay tuned.  Thanks!

Soby - August 1, 2017

This is a very useful article!
Recently I heard a lot about DNA testing in the context of health improvement. This sounds like future is here!
Thank you for clarifying what this actually is for me. I feel like I’m much more interested in doing a health and fitness test, to learn something new about my body. So 23andMe sounds like a right place to go.
Unfortunately, when I tried to open this link “View 23andMe Ancestry + Health Report” it didn’t work. But I will definitely read the full review about 23andMA

    Ralph - August 2, 2017

    Hi Soby!  Yea there are a lot more companies starting to use DNA as a way to learn more about an individual’s body.  There is so much more to learn and I am really looking forward to seeing where it goes.  Sorry about the links, I am still doing updates on the article so I will definitely make sure to link them.  Thanks!


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