23andme DNA Test Review – Improve Your Fitness

I could remember the first time I started hearing about self DNA testing. It was mainly being used to help discover the history of someone’s ancestry. But now it has evolved into something much bigger now. Not only is it being used to help learn about one’s family tree, but also health.

As I researched more about self DNA testing, I learned how many are now using it to help understand what their DNA is saying about their health. Many are now using it as a way to help improve both their nutrition and fitness.

Being someone that is very involved in the fitness industry, I thought it sounded pretty cool to learn more about my body through DNA testing. So in this 23andme DNA test review, I will be going over what I learned about DNA testing, and how it could change the health and fitness industry for the better.

What Is 23andMe?

23andMe is a genomics and biotechnology company based in Mountain View California, with more than 2 million genotyped customers around the world. Founded in 2006, the company was created to help people access, understand and benefit from the human genome. In 2015, 23andMe was given authorization from the FDA to market the first direct-to-consumer genetic test.

So many people are looking for ways to improve their health when it comes to diet and exercise. Yet so many people fail due to lack of knowledge of how the body works. With 23andMe and their genetic testing, it may be a way to help understand each individual’s body with the help of science.

How Does 23andMe Work?

There are many ways to acquire someone’s DNA sample, but with 23andMe, it is simple. All that is required is a saliva sample. Once you order your DNA test kit from the 23andMe website, they will send you out a test kit. It usually takes between 3-5 days for the kit to arrive.

Once you have given a sample of your saliva, you send the sample back to 23andMe, and wait approximately 6-8 weeks for your report. Which will be sent to you via email. I wish receiving the reports could be a lot quicker, but what can you do. You’re so eager to see the results, having to wait almost 2 months can feel like forever.

23andMe Pros vs. Cons


  • Ancestry Reports(ancestry composition, haplogroups,neanderthal ancestry, family DNA).
  • DNA Relative Finder
  • Genetic Health Risk Reports
  • Carrier Status Reports
  • Wellness Reports
  • Traits Reports
  • Can Test in your home
  • Can view report online
  • Better understanding of your body


  • Takes weeks for you to get results
  • Possibility of telling you things you already know

How Does 23andMe Benefit You?

Do you ever wonder why one person seems to always be healthy, and others tend to always be sick? When it comes to the human body, we all know that everyone is different. So when it comes to getting in shape, what works for one person, may not work for another. But what if there was a way understand your body better, and use that information to help better your health?

Imagine being able to know what your strengths and weaknesses are when it comes to your diet and exercise. We all try out so many different diets, supplements and exercises, hoping to find something that works. Knowing there are so many factors to consider when trying to understand why one person can lose or gain weight faster than another.

With your DNA, not only will 23andME be able to provide you with an ancestry report, but also a wellness report depending on which package you select. You will be able to see things like genetic health risks, trait reports, and many other things. Based on this wealth of information, you can have a better idea of how you can better take care of your body.

How Much Does 23andMe Cost?

23andMe offers two different types of packages. One for just the ancestry report, and another with not only the ancestry report, but also a wellness report. The ancestry report is $99, and the health plus ancestry report is $199. My first thought was that it was pretty expensive. But they do provide you with a lot of information to help better your health.

What’s In The Kit?

When you make your order for you DNA test kit, 23andMe provides you with all the necessary equipment to prepare your sample quick and easy. You are given step by step instructions on how to provide the sample to ensure there is no confusion. They even give you a pre-paid package for you to return the sample back to their lab for testing.

Genetic Reports Backed By Science

I was a little concerned with the accuracy of such a report, but was quite surprised at the results. It also helps to know that the testing that 23andMe does is FDA approved. Not only that, but genotyping is a well established and reliable way to analyze DNA. So you can be assured that the results you are getting are pretty accurate based on your DNA.

Do keep in mind that, although DNA can be identical from person to person, there are small differences that make us unique, called variants. What makes variants so important is, they can be linked to certain health conditions, and can be passed down from parent to child.

Privacy and Security

This was maybe one of my biggest concerns as for many others I’m sure. 23andMe claims to make privacy and security a priority when it comes to the DNA samples they received. Based on the GINA law, they are not allowed to share an individual’s data without their consent. They also work to make sure all information is safe from unauthorized access to its database.

How To Get Started

If you’re looking to get the full experience that 23andMe has to offer, which is the Health plus Ancestry report, you can access it below through Amazon.

Order Your Kit Today

Keep in mind that you can choose to get just the ancestry report. But if you’re looking for a way to better understand how your DNA affects your health, then I would recommend getting the wellness report as well. It could give you a better understanding of how you should go about your diet and exercise.


When it comes to finding ways to improve health and fitness, DNA testing has become something that has been growing over time. Instead of taking the shotgun approach where you try all different types of things to see what works. More people are choosing to get a clearer picture when it comes to how their body is designed.

DNA testing is becoming this new trend to not just understand one’s ancestry, but understand health risk factors for individuals. So if you’re interested in learning more about your DNA, and how it could help improve your diet and exercise, I would definitely give 23andMe a try.

Well I hope you enjoyed this 23andMe DNA test review. Hopefully it can help improve your fitness overall, and help you become a healthier you. If you have any thoughts or questions, please don’t be afraid to share below.

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Dustin - July 13, 2017

I saw an add for something like this a few months back and was intrigued by the idea. I’ve been going to the gym and lifting weights for most of my adult life, but don’t feel like I’ve got the results to match. I’ve tried a lot of different dieting approaches but still haven’t found that magic formula that works for me. This is a great concept. Do they actually recommend certain exercise and diet methods based on the results?

    Ralph - July 13, 2017

    Hi Dustin!  Unfortunately they don’t recommend certain diet and exercise methods.  But they do tell you things like muscle composition and genetic weight.  Giving you a better understanding of what you need to focus on when it comes to your nutritional and fitness needs.

Del - July 13, 2017

Also interested in health & fitness and I find this highly interesting. Whether or not I’d be willing to fork out nearly $200 for to find out is another matter though. I think if you were a sports professional then it would be a great investment. For the part-timers (like me) who just want to feel a bit healthier then maybe it’s a bit too expensive.

If you were interested I don’t think waiting a few weeks would matter that much. Very interesting piece though 🙂

    Ralph - July 13, 2017

    Thanks Del!  Yea I agree.  I really looking forward to see where this goes in the future as I’m sure more and more people will be interested in how their DNA affects their health, and how they can improve it.  $200 is probably a bit much for some, but we spend so much money on things that don’t work, if this can prove to help, then maybe it won’t be such a bad investment.  But I guess we’ll see.  Thanks for your comment.

Debbie - July 12, 2017

I’ve been thinking about doing a 23andme DNA test for some time now but didn’t know enough about it to decide whether or not it is worth it. Knowledge is power and after reading this, I can move forward with more confidence. I especially like the privacy aspect of testing this way. This is a very thorough, unbiased and comprehensive review.

    Ralph - July 13, 2017

    Hi Debbie!  Yea I always try to be cautious with things that require such personal information, but the way the world is today, it’s hard to think that anything is really private anymore.  But I thought it would be interesting to learn about my body through DNA Testing just to see if it could be a great way to improve my fitness. I think there is so much more to learn about DNA testing in regards to health and fitness.


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