21 Day Fix By BeachBody On Demand Review

I’ll admit, when it comes to meal prepping, I do a pretty poor job of it. And although I consider myself to be in really great shape, I do find it difficult to organize my meals on a daily basis. Which is what probably lead me to this 21 day fix by beachbody on demand review.

As someone who knows the importance of having both a workout and diet program when it comes to getting results. I was very curious to find out what 21 day fix was all about.

Being that their program is designed to not only give you a good workout, but also make sure you are eating the right foods. So if you are someone that needs to be guided through a workout and diet program, then 21 day fix may be perfect for you.

What To Expect From A 21 Day Fix Workout?

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This program is designed primarily for losing weight. Using a mix of cardio, yoga, and pilates, you can expect to get the heart pumping with every minute of this workout. Along with their meal plan guide, you’ll know exactly what you need to do every step of the way.

In terms of what you will need when it comes to equipment, all that is needed is a set of light and heavy dumbbells.  Along with an exercise mat to provide comfort while you perform your exercises.

Like with all beachbody workout programs, you are given a quick start guide to help prepare you for what’s needed. The first thing you will notice is the workout calendar that tells you what you will be working on during this 3 week period.

Each day will let you know if you will be working on things like lower body, upper body, or total body. There’s also a double’s option during day 15-21 where if you choose, you can do a second set of workouts for that day.

Great for those that are looking to push themselves bit more.

Along with your workout calendar, you are given a 21 day fix container chart. Where you will be provided with a plan of what to eat during the 21 days. And although I plan on speaking more about this later, your meal plan will be based on this container sheet.

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Here’s An Overview Of The Workout Program?

Meet Your Trainer

If you know anything about beachbody, then you know that they have some of the best trainers in the business. So meet Autumn Calabrese. She was a part of many other workout programs including 21 day fix extreme, and Master’s Hammer and Chisel.

You can expect a very thorough workout routine as Autumn as your trainer. She brings a wealth of knowledge in the fitness industry, especially when it comes to healthy eating. Along with good energy, you will have no issue being motivated during the workouts.

Recommended Fitness Level

This workout program is perfect for those looking to just get started. Many times, beginners are unsure of what type of workouts or how to eat during their fitness routine. With 21 day fix, all the guesswork is taken out and you are shown exactly what you need to do.

Even though this is a beginner-intermediate course, there are always times where some are unable to perform a particular exercise. Because of this, there are always modifications given to help those that may struggle.

So you can expect to have those same modifications in this workout program. Continue to do those modification until you are ready to perform the actual exercise. Remember that it is ok to go at your own pace as your safety is always the most important thing.

Duration of Workout

21 day fix is a pretty short program where you can expect each workout to last anywhere from 10-30 minutes long. Many like to question if a program with such a short time frame can actually get you results.

It really depends on the type of movements you are performing.

I would question however those claiming amazing results from a 7 minute workout video. As that may be too short. I usually like to recommend giving yourself at least 15 minutes to perform an actual workout.

Even though 21 day fix is for beginners, you can expect it to test both your mental and physical strength. Especially since you will be somewhat new to the whole experience of exercising.

Nutrition Guide

Now if you struggle with organization like I do when it comes to prepping your meals, then 21 day fix may be perfect for you. With their meal plan, you can pretty much expect to eat everything from a container.

The way it works is, remember that container plan I told you about earlier? Well this is where comes in. you will be asked to input some numbers in regards to your weight and calories. Based on these numbers, a calorie target will be calculated.

Based on that calorie target number, your container plan will be chosen. There are four plans, (A,B,C,D). So whatever plan that is calculated for you, will determine things like how much protein, fruit, veggies, etc, you can eat on a given day.

Everything is pretty much laid out for you in regards to your meal intake. So if you had any questions when it came to wondering what to eat, well those questions are now gone with this program.

Track Your Progress

Like most of beachbody workout programs, you are given some type of tracker sheet. With 21 day fix, you are given a transformation tracker sheet where you measure parts of your body.

They also recommend that you take before and after photos to get a visual of your progress, since we all know that the scale is not always the best indicator of good health. I usually like to go by how much fat your have burned as a better qualifier.

So you want to make sure you measure things like arms, chest, waist, thighs, etc. Seeing how you progress when it comes to those measurements are really good things to keep track of.

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Who Needs Dvd’s?

Many people like to purchase their workouts from beachbody in the form of a DVD. But now you can say goodbye to dvd’s and stream all of your workouts with beachbody on demand.

This makes using their services so much easier. Since you no longer have to be stuck with just one workout program. Being that 21 day fix is just for 21 days, repeating this workout will eventually get a bit boring.

You will most likely want to move onto another workout program and having to order another set of DVDs can get a big expensive. So with beachbody on demand, you can get your 21 day fix program and a whole lot more with a simple click of the button.

If you’re not yet sure about the streaming process, you can try them out risk free for 30 days just to see if it may be something for you. Even under the trial period you get access to over 600 workout videos with access to some of the best trainers.

Final Thoughts

So to wrap up this 21 day fix by beachbody review, here are my thoughts on the program. I really do love that they have everything organized for you in a way to take out all the guess work. This is especially helpful if you are a beginner.

But I do find that having to eat from a container everyday could be a bit annoying and inconvenient. Having to live out of a container seems that it could be very restricting to the normal person.

But if you are someone that needs this type of system in order to eat well, then this will definitely work for you.

As far as the program itself, I would definitely recommend it for anyone that is a beginner looking to get their diet and fitness life in check. Considering that this is a very low impact workout, this is a great way to ease yourself into a fitness routine.

At the same time, a good way to challenge and prepare you both mentally and physically going forward. I am confident that if you stick to the program on a consistent basis, you are sure to get results.

And once you are done with the program, you can then move on to the next program and attack a new fitness goal. Assuming you have the beachbody on demand program of course.

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