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Can Online Workout Programs Get You Results?

woman doing ab exercise

The fitness industry is such an amazing thing. What makes it so interesting is the fact that there are literally 100’s of ways for anyone to get in shape. Even though the process is the same. You know like eating right, exercise, rest…etc.

But what makes it so difficult is finding a system that will work for you to make sure you are living that healthy lifestyle. This is where online workout programs come in. For many people, that system comes in the form of an online workout.

So can online workout programs get you results? Well it depends on a few things, in which we will be going over in a bit. As you continue to read this article, I want you to really think about some of the questions I may ask you throughout this read.

But first, what are online workout programs?

What Are Online Workout Programs?

I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself, everyone knows what an online workout program is. Well you’d be surprised at how many people don’t really know. Some people think it’s some workout routine you can find just by googling.

A good workout program will have more than a typed up workout routine that has no idea what you’re trying to accomplish. It will have a variety of videos and meal plans designed specifically for what you are trying to accomplish.

Not only that, you will have expert trainers guiding you through the workouts to help you stay motivated. Most importantly, you will have a community of other like minded people trying to accomplish the same goals as you. Which leads me to my next question.

What Are Your Goals?

When deciding to get in shape, the first thing you always want to ask yourself is, what are your goals? Knowing what your goals are is key to finding the right program to help get you results. I think this is where a lot of people fall off track.

It doesn’t make sense for a marathon runner to perform sprints as a workout.  Or a person looking to lose weight, use a bodybuilding program. So you want to make sure that you prepare your body for the results you want. From there, you can then decide how you plan on achieving those results.

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Alternatives To Online Workout Programs

There are many popular online workout programs out there, like Beachbody On Demand and DailyBurn. But what are the alternatives to these types of programs for those that need that person to person interaction?

As mentioned earlier, the great thing about the fitness industry is that there are many ways for one to get in shape. Regardless of which way you pick, there are many things to consider when choosing. Like cost, time, comfort.

Each person is different, and when it comes to getting in shape, the most important thing is finding something that motivates you. But let’s list some of the alternatives to online workout programs.

Some of those ways include:

  • Hiring a personal trainer
  • At home workouts with dvd’s
  • Bootcamps
  • Joining a gym

Do You Get Bored Easily When It Comes To Exercising?

One of the biggest reasons many lose motivation when it comes to exercise is due to being bored. Whether it be not knowing what to do at the gym, or just tired of doing the same old workouts at home. Regardless of the type of exercise routine, boredom is a huge factor in why people just don’t like to exercise.

That’s why for many it’s important to have a little variety in your workouts. Trying out new workouts every so often is a great way to make sure you stay motivated. The more fun you are having while working out, the more likely it is you will stick to it long term.

And this is why when choosing an online workout program, making sure there is variety is going to be key. This will ensure that you don’t get bored and keep consistent.  So what should you look for when choosing an online workout program?

What To Look For When Choosing An Online Workout Program

Choosing the right program for you is crucial if you are going to get the results you are looking for. Too many people take the shotgun approach where they try a whole bunch of things hoping one will stick.

Whether it be some new diet program, or some untested supplement, people will try just about anything to get the desired result. So when choosing an online workout program, here are some things to look for to ensure you are making the right choice.

Variety – this is important because for many, it can be easy to get bored of a certain workout after a while.  Not only that, but say you are looking to achieve new goals like burning fat, you want to make sure you can switch to a program that is designed specifically for that.

Convenience – one reason many people struggle with exercising on a regular basis is due to lack of time. Whether legitimate or not, you want to make sure you can eliminate that as an excuse. So being able to have access to your workouts wherever you are will be very important.

Affordable – many people would love to work with a personal trainer, but this can be very costly. So you want to make sure your online workout program can give you all the benefits of a personal trainer, but at an affordable cost.

Free Trials – I think it’s always important to sample anything you try before you decide to buy. Especially when it comes to anything fitness related. This is important because you want to make sure it’s something that will be right for you.

Final Thoughts

Remember, when it comes to getting results, it’s all about being consistent and disciplined. If you are exercising and eating healthy on a regular basis, then I have no doubt in my mind that you will get the results you are looking for.

Sometimes all that is needed is a little motivation and a desire to reach your goals. That’s why I would recommend trying an online workout program, especially if you are someone that’s on a budget or struggle with finding variety in your workout routine.

If you don’t have an online workout program in mind, I would suggest you try out my #1 recommended online workout program.  Learn how you can get access to all the top trainers and workout routines to help you get amazing results. Best of all, you can try it out for FREE!


DailyBurn Review – A Different Way To Get In Shape

Don’t look now, but online workout programs are starting to look like the future of fitness. If you were someone that enjoyed working out in the comfort of your home, then no doubt you had your share of dvd’s to help push you through your workouts.

But with the advancement of technology, dvd’s have become obsolete. Whether you enjoy watching movies, tv shows or exercise programs, no longer are dvd’s needed. Enter Streaming. Streaming has made everything you do as far as your viewing pleasure, so much easier.

Not only are you able to watch your favorite shows and movies with just a streaming device and internet connection, you can now enjoy your favorite workouts as well. And this is why I am writing this DailyBurn Review. They are one of many programs changing the way you choose to get in shape.

Now don’t get me wrong, nothing will ever replace the one on one attention you receive from an actual trainer.  But it’s hard to deny the benefits online workouts can provide. Benefits that include, cost, access, and variety. I will get into all those benefits later, but let’s first learn what DailyBurn is about.

What Is DailyBurn? 

what is dailyburn


When it comes to taking part in the fitness world, we all know how easy it is to get bored. One minute you’re into this type of workout, then the next minute you’re into something else. In the end, you find yourself getting nothing done pretty much.

Well with dailyburn workout programs, you get access to over 100 workouts, preventing you from ever being bored.  Each workout can range from 15 minutes to an hour.  So if you need a quick workout before heading out, you can do that with the dailyburn workout program.

What also makes dailyburn exercise programs so entertaining is the fact that you can pretty much workout anywhere. The dailyburn program can be streamed on multiple devices, allowing you to take your workouts with you on the go.

For me, this is a huge plus.  Since I like to go the gym, I can perform a dailyburn cardio program right from my phone. Even if I had to travel and didn’t have a lot of equipment with me, I could perform many of the body weight exercises dailyburn has available.

Knowing that I have access to to any workout program I choose, makes streaming with dailyburn exciting. But if i’m being honest, while there a many things to love about streaming dailyburn exercise programs, there are also things you should be concerned about.

But let’s go through some of the positives first.

DailyBurn Pros vs Cons


  • Over 100 Workouts
  • Build Customized Programs
  • Free Trial Period

Special Promotion: Get a 30-day free trial and 10% Off Your First 3 Months With This Offer

30 day free trial

  • Mobile-Friendly
  • 24/7 Community (live chats)
  • Stream on Multiple Devices
  • Live Workouts Everyday
  • Can Cancel At Any Time


  • Need Reliable Internet Connection
  • No Meal Plans
  • You don’t own workout programs

Are Online Workout Programs For You?

are online workout programs for you

I think for many would be exercisers, figuring out the best way to get in shape can be stressful. You have to factor things like cost, comfort, and time when making such a decision. So let’s go over some of these factors to help make the decision process a bit easier.


As a personal trainer, I know first hand how expensive hiring a personal trainer can be. Of course you would like to be guided by a knowledgeable professional, but everyone has a budget and sometimes a trainer just doesn’t fit into it.

This is what makes online workout programs so popular. Although you don’t get the personal touch you would get with a trainer, you can still get a very effective workout.

Many of these online workout programs have experts to help guide you through your workouts.  So that you never feel lost in the process.


For a lot of people, going to the gym or working with a personal trainer can be uncomfortable. Online workout programs allow you to enjoy an intense workout without worrying about being judged.

Even though many personal trainers are pretty good when it comes to not judging their clients. But still, enjoying your workout is all about being comfortable in your space.


Many people work long hours at work and can’t afford the time to make it to the gym. So having access to workouts wherever they are is a huge benefit.

Whether you are someone that travels a lot, or has kids but can’t leave them, online workout programs is a great tool to have just in case.

Does DailyBurn Get Results?

Everyone knows that the recipe for getting in great shape is healthy eating coupled with regular exercise. As long as you are doing this on a consistent basis, there is little doubt that you will get the results you are looking for. Unfortunately for some, it’s never that simple.

Motivation and discipline is a necessary strength that is needed to push you to healthy eating and regular exercise. So when it comes to exercise, one thing that stops a lot of people from being consistent, is boredom. So many times I hear people being bored of their workout routine.

So I usually mention to people that if you can find a workout you enjoy, you are more likely to stick with it. And this is what makes the dailyburn online workout program so unique. You get a variety of workouts at your disposal to choose from.

If you feel like working on your cardio, there are workouts designed specifically that focus on cardio. If you’re looking for mediation, they have yoga exercises so that you can focus on yourself. There are many more workouts that are designed specifically for your fitness needs.

So as long as you are being consistent and having fun with your workouts, I have no doubt that you will get the results you are looking for when it comes to the dailyburn exercise program.


Hitch Fit Online Personal Training Review

We all can agree that when it comes to fitness, getting results can be hard.  Whether it be due to motivation, lack of knowledge, or just having no time, trying to get in shape is never easy. Therefore, sometimes it takes getting help from an expert that can guide you to better health.

This is probably the reason why personal trainers have become so popular as more and more people are looking to take better care of their health.  But as a certified personal trainer, I know first hand how expensive having a personal trainer can be.

Depending on where you live, you can expect to pay hundreds of dollars per month for a trainer alone. For many people, they are unable to fit this into their budget. So many people have started to lean towards online personal trainer as a more affordable option.

Which is why I am writing this Hitch Fit Online Personal Training Review.  I will be showing you how you can get all the benefits of a personal trainer, without having to worry about being able to afford the monthly cost.  So what is HitchFit and how does it work?

About HitchFit Online Training

HitchFit was founded in 2009 by top fitness trainer Micah Lecerte and fitness model Diana Chaloux. They have a fitness studio located in Kansas City, Missouri.

They both have over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, and their goal is to help those in the online world, or in person achieve their fitness goals.

By giving them the tools necessary and the motivation to make sure that healthy living is sustainable for the long term.

HitchFit is a customized online personal training program that focuses on transformation. What I mean by customized is, it’s not one of your standard fitness sites that just gives you some ordinary workout plan that you can find on the internet to perform.

You are given specific workouts, along with nutrition and many other help information, that is catered to your needs.  So based on your goals and eating habits, Micah and Diana, along with their team of trainers, will design programs made specifically for you.

How it works:

    1. You Choose Your Plan
    1. Complete Questionnaire then email your coaches
    1. Waite 3-5 days for your plan to be created
    1. Check in with coaches weekly
  1. Get to work and transform your body

HitchFit Pros vs Cons


    • Customized workout and nutrition programs
    • Support and motivation
    • Variety of programs to choose from
    • Work personally with Micah and Diana
    • Workouts can be done at home or gym
    • Weekly updates
  • Downloadable content


    • All training is done online
  • No Refund Policy

Is Online Personal Training For You?

Many wonder if online personal training is for them, or does it really work. If you really think about the concept of losing weight and feeling great, all it really comes down to is eating healthy and regular exercise. It really is that simple.

What isn’t so simple is the motivation and discipline it takes to reach your goals. That’s why it is important to get the right people to help you and guide you along the way to finding that motivation.

Also, some people may not be able to afford a personal trainer at the gym, and this is where online personal training comes in.  Technology is so advanced now, we no longer have to be in the presence of an actual trainer to exercise. Thus allowing us to save on the cost.

There is concern however with the effectiveness of online trainers and if they can actually get you results. But as long as you are motivated and committed, there is no doubt you can get the results you are looking for. Just make sure you are consistent with the training.

How Much Does HitchFit Cost?

When it comes to online personal training programs, the one thing I usually wonder is the cost. Since you are able to access the programs online, you should expect it to be more affordable than meeting a personal trainer in person.

So when looking through HitchFit’s training programs, I noticed that they didn’t really have one set price. Instead, they offered a variety of different programs a la carte. They had programs for weight loss, muscle building, competition…etc.

Regardless of the program you choose, each of their programs last either 12 or 16 weeks long. Based on the prices of each program, you can calculate them to come out to roughly $27/week.  Some come out to be less and some more. But you can expect it to be around that much depending on the program you select.

Now I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself that it may be much. But if you compare it to personal trainers at your gym, you can expect to pay much more than that in one session. So you are definitely saving on training costs with their programs.

Does HitchFit Really Work?

HitchFit offers 15 different programs for you to choose from. Ranging from weight loss, to competitions. Here is a list of their programs.

Weight Loss Plans

Lose Weight Feel Great

If you’re looking to shed some body fat and get a more fit looking body. This is a 12 or 16 week program focused on helping you lose weight.

Look Like A Bikini Model

This plan is perfect for anyone looking to reduce their body fat and get in that Bikini Model shape. Program is best suited for anyone that is already in decent shape, but is looking to take it to a bikini model level.

Look Like A Fitness Model

This program is geared towards those who are focused on reducing their body fat on a fitness model level.  Perfect for anyone looking to go from good condition to great.

Competition Prep

This is a very intense program in which Diana and Micah are very “hands on.” If you are planning on competing in a physique competition, then you really need to give this program a try.

Weight Loss Plus

For anyone that is looking to lose a lot of weight, then this program is perfect.  Designed to help anyone that is looking to lose 50 lbs or greater, the Weight Loss Plus Plan can help you do that.

Faithfully Fit

The faithfully fit program is suited for those that are looking for a more Christian based program.

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

Having a baby can change the body in many ways.  So if you’re looking to get rid of that post baby fat, this program will be designed specifically for you.

Bridal Bootcamp

Getting ready for a wedding can be very stressful. Following a program designed to get you results before your wedding is going to be key.

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Muscle Building Plans

Build Muscle

If you are looking to build lean muscle, then this program will help you get there. The workouts are designed to make sure you focus on getting your bodyfat at a certain percentage.

Weight Loss & Muscle Building

Couples Weight Loss

If you’re looking to burn body fat and would like to do it with a friend, partner or spouse, then this couple weight loss plan is an excellent option.

Get Big/Get Ripped

This program is a combination of weight loss and muscle building. So if you’re looking to get lean muscle, this program may be right for you.

Gluten Free Diet

For those that are looking to burn some body fat, but are looking for a gluten free nutrition program.

Vegetarian Weight Loss

Great program for anyone looking to lose body fat, but prefer a vegan/vegetarian style nutrition program.  

Maintenance Plan

Stay On Track

Best suited for anyone that has just completed any of the transformation programs, or is still in the transformation process.  This will help make sure you stay on track.

Keep Fit. Stay Fit

Once you have completed any of the weight loss/muscle building programs, Hitch Fit has programs like Keep Fit Stay Fit, to make sure you stay on track.  This program makes sure you maintain long term success.

Getting Started

If you’re ready to commit and start your online personal training program today, then the first thing you need to do is choose a plan.  Once you do that and enter in all your information, Micah and Diana will get started on creating your workout and nutrition program right away.

Keep in mind that there are no refunds.  Only if you’re serious about making a lifestyle change for the better should you choose this online training program.  This ensures that you stay committed to the transformation process.

Frequently Asked Questions (HitchFit Wiki)

Q:  Can I do the program at home?

A:  Yes you can.  As long as you have the minimum weight amount for dumbbells and a bench.

Q: How long will it take for me to receive my training program?

A: It normally takes 3-5 days from when they receive all your information. 7-8 days max if traveling.

Q: Do I get to work personally with both Diana and Micah?

A: Yes.  Both Diana and Micah handle everything in the online program when it comes to support.


How To Make Money Losing Weight With HealthyWage

One of the biggest reason people struggle with losing weight is due to lack of motivation. See for some it’s easy.  Going to the gym to workout is like breathing.  For others, thinking about exercise can be like getting ready for a root canal at the dentist.

Regardless of the reason, finding motivation can be difficult.

There have been many methods used to try and help someone with weight loss.  Whether it be through therapy, competitions, or diet programs like Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig.

But according to research done by the Mayo Clinic, one method that has proven to be effective, is MONEY.

Research has shown that using money as an incentive to lose weight, has been more successful than many other methods.  Which is why I am writing this article today.  I plan on showing you how to make money losing weight with HealthyWage

Getting Started

Ready to bet on yourself and lose some weight?  Here’s how you can get started with HealthyWage Challenges.

  1.  Start by using the HealthyWage Prize Calculator if you’re looking for a personal challenge. If you’re looking for the Team Challenges, you will need a team of five. HealthyWage can provide you with a team if you don’t have five people ready.

With the prize calculator, all you have to do is enter how much weight you want to lose, how long it will take to lose the weight, and the amount of money you would like to bet per month.

Based on the information provided, your prize amount will be calculated.  Keep in mind that you can participate in both challenges simultaneously.

calculate your prize

  1. Sign up for the challenge and agree to pay the amount every month.
  1. Hit your weight-loss goal and win the prize.
  1. If you don’t reach your weight-loss goal, your money goes to help support HealthyWage and other prizes that goes to others who reach their goals.

Lose Weight, Get Paid

So what is HealthyWage and what do they do?  HealthyWage is a wellness group that helps provide challenges (Personal or Team) for those looking to make changes when it comes to their health.

They understand how difficult and mentally draining it can be to lose weight, so they decided to get creative.  By making fitness and weight loss more fun, they found a way to make it more effective.  

They were able to do this with the use of challenges and by providing prizes as incentive.  To take it a step further, they know that people are more willing to stay committed to a program when they put their own money at risk.

At the same time, awarding those who not only commit, but also achieve their goals.

HealthyWage Success Stories

Here are two success stories from actual people.  The first one being from someone that participated in a personal challenge, and the other from a team challenge.

  • Meet Kristin – Before her amazing transformation, Kristin started off at 278 lbs.  She would complain often about not being able to keep up with her nieces when they played together. Also, she was tired of always being winded when climbing a flight of stairs.  

So Kristin took it upon herself to make a bet on herself, and change her life.  She was able to win the challenge and was awarded $4000. It’s amazing what a little motivation can do.  Because of this motivation, she continues on this path of healthy living with a newfound purpose.  Which is to inspire others with her success.

kristen results

  • Meet Team Flubber Busters – This team made up of co-workers who also happen to be family, decided to participate due to it being a competition.  They thought it would be a fun way to lose weight and potentially win some money.  But they also had deeper reasons like living a healthy lifestyle, being there for their children, and of course looking and feeling better.  

Well because of their commitment to teamwork, they were able to take home the grand prize of $10,000 after losing a combined total of 208 lbs.  Even after their win, they still participate in challenges together to make sure they keep the weight off.  This goes to show you what a little teamwork can accomplish. Being accountable to others is a great way to stay motivated.

team results

Remember, regardless if you fall short at winning the prize, always be proud of the hard work you put into the challenge.  Also take note of the weight you actually did lose and use it as motivation to keep pushing forward.

If you’re ready to make a change, visit HealthyWage to get started.

get started

Should You Join The Gym To Get In Shape?

As a personal trainer and someone that exercises 5 days a week, I get to see all types of people that come into the gym.  Whether it is someone looking to weight train, run on the treadmill, or simply just looking to socialize and meet new people believe it or not.

When making the decision to get in shape, there are many reasons that go through the mind of the individual.  Maybe you have health issues and your doctor is advising you to be more active.  Or maybe you have friends that are in great shape, and it’s uncomfortable being around them in your current condition. Or maybe you just want to look good.

Whatever the reason is, just make sure you’re not doing it just to make you feel good.  What I mean by that is, many times when I go to the gym, I see people that are there not really doing anything. They are either there peddling on the bike machine while on their phones, or they like hanging out on the massage chairs.

These are not good reasons to join a gym.  Making the decision to join the gym should have purpose. Because there’s no point in joining the gym just so you can get that key tag so it appears to others you are being active in life.  So how should you go about deciding to join the gym? Well knowing what your interests are would be a good start.

What Are Your Interests?

Are you looking to build muscle? How about cardio?  Maybe you’re looking to be around a group of people and join a class.  It’s important to know what you are looking for when deciding if you should join a gym or not.

See the great thing about fitness is, if you’re creative enough, it can be done almost anywhere.  People think you need all this fancy equipment to get the results you want, but in reality, all you need is motivation and drive.  

Because without those two, it can be hard to do the necessary things like eat healthy and exercise. Everyone would love to be healthy and be in great shape, but many don’t have the motivation and drive to put in the work to get there.  So it is important to find those two key factors.

One thing that helps in keeping the motivation high, is doing something that is fun. Studies have shown that if people enjoy an exercise they are doing, they are most likely to stick with it.  And from my experience, I have come to realize that the gym is not for everyone due to lack of enjoyment.

Pros and Cons of Joining A Gym

  • All the equipment you need is available
  • Many group classes to take
  • Personal trainers there if you need one on one
  • Affordable membership options depending on gym
  • Great way to meet like minded people
  • Can be intimidating and overwhelming
  • Don’t really care about your goals
  • Many people stop going after signing up

Do You Struggle With Motivation?

As stated earlier, motivation and drive are two key factors needed when you have goals you are trying to accomplish.  If you are someone that feels that it can be hard to find motivation, then the gym may not be a great place to find it.  

When speaking to those looking to get in shape, I always ask them if they are members at a gym.  Some say no, but most tend to say yes.  The problem is when I ask them when was the last time they had been to the gym, the answer usually ranges from months to never.  

The reason for this is, the gym isn’t the best place to find motivation. No one is there to hold you accountable and make sure you stay consistent.  

For someone like me, fitness is my life, so going to the gym is easy for me.  But for others, it can be very difficult.  Whether it be due to lack of confidence, or just plain not knowing what to do when you get there.  These two reason can easily deter someone from going to the gym on a regular basis.

Don’t Let New Year’s Be A Reason To Join The Gym

We all know that gym memberships tend to increase come the new year.  People decide to make health a priority and feel that joining the gym is the best way to go.  Although that may sound good in theory, rarely does it work long term.

Joining the gym during the new year is probably the worst time to join the gym.  It’s almost like when people say I will wait for monday to start their workout routine.  Until you find a more meaningful reason to get in shape, you joining the gym will not last long.

Longevity when it comes to this type of lifestyle change is having a why.  Having a why keeps you motivated for the long run.  Whether it be to have more energy to play with your children, or maybe seeing a friend or family member who has health issues.  

Knowing your why can be a very good motivator to keep you in it for the long run.  Just make sure you don’t use something like new years as a reason to join the gym.  Because too many times I see that in January the gym is packed, only to die down come March.

Joining A Gym Isn’t The Only Way To Get In Shape

Home Workouts – if you feel that you’re not comfortable being part of a gym, working out in the comfort of your own home is great way to go.  With so many online workout programs available, you can get access to a coach that is committed to helping you reach your goals.  

Along with a community of like minded people to help motivate you along the way.  You have access to your own equipment, and don’t have to worry about having to wait on machines.

Studios – compared to the gym, the great thing about joining a studio is the dedication to getting your results.  The goal of big box gyms is to get as many memberships as possible. Rarely do they care about your goals and if you reach them.  

Studios need you to reach your goal so that you can keep coming back.  Their success is predicated on your success.  So I usually recommend many people to join a fitness studio if possible.  

The only downside is that studio can be expensive for some, but definitely worth looking into.

Outdoors – if you consider yourself an outdoors person, then there’s no better place than exercising outdoors.  Of course this depends on where you live and how nice the weather is.  

So if you happen to live in an area that gets great weather, then you should definitely enjoy the fresh air that comes with exercising outdoors.

Final Thoughts

So what should you do?  Should you join the gym to get in shape? It depends on what you are looking for when it comes to your fitness needs.  Yes there are many ways to get in shape. You just have to find out which method works best for you to keep you motivated.

Joining the gym is a very inexpensive way to get in shape.  But for many it can be very expensive since they are just throwing money away by not going.  

So if you feel you struggle with motivation, a great way to combat that is by joining a community of like minded individuals. Having a community of individuals that are there to hold you accountable and make sure you stay on task

So I hope that you found this helpful in your decision process.  If you have any questions or thoughts, please don’t be afraid to share them below.