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Get Hydrated With A Motivational Water Bottle

get hydrated with a motivational water bottle

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If you’re looking for a good way to motivate yourself to exercise and drink more water, then maybe you should look to your water bottle. In this article, I will try to break down for you why you should get hydrated with a motivational water bottle.

You may have already seen many these motivational water bottles around your local gym or studio and may wonder, what’s the point? Well we all know how important it is to drink water, and with these simple water bottles, it can be a great way to not only keep you hydrated, but help improve your workouts as well.

Types Of Motivational Water Bottles

Many people these days are finding ways to motivate themselves through their water bottles, either with simple words or numbers.  With the use of words, you can have motivational quotes that help you stay focused on the task at hand.  Maybe during your exercise you tend to want to stop after 30 minutes of an intense workout.

Having something like “keep going” on your water bottle can be a great way to keep you motivated to not stop. Another quote could be as simple as, “no pain no gain.”  inspiring you to fight through the soreness you feel while weight training.  Having motivational quotes on your bottle is a simple way to always have you focused on your fitness goals.

Another way is with time.  Many people fail to drink enough water so they mark times on their water bottles to remind them how much water they should be drinking during the day.  Regardless if you are at the gym, or at work, time marked water bottles are a great way to make sure you are staying hydrated when your body needs it the most.

Motivation To Get Started And Keep Going

A motivational water bottle is a great way to help you not only get started in your fitness journey, but to keep you going.  It’s so easy to lose motivation when trying to stick to an exercise routine, that all it takes is a little quote to help you keep going.

Making sure you have a quote on the bottle that inspires you to be better.  When that voice in your head is telling you to give up, the words on your bottle refocuses you back to where you need to be. Having the water bottle wherever you go is a great way to never lose focus and stay committed.

Can Help Improve Your Workouts

Yea I know it sounds crazy that a simple water bottle could actually help improve your workouts.  But if you think about it in the mental and not the physical, then it is definitely possible.

Most of the time when it comes to deciding to get in shape, the mental part is what usually stops people from actually making the decision to focus on bettering their health.

Once you are able to overcome the mental obstacle, then the physical part is next.  Unless you are feeling actual pain, it is usually the mental part that stops people from performing that last repetition or set.  You would be amazed at what the body can actually handle.

If only we could overcome the mental part, will you then see what you are truly capable of.

Keep You Focused On Your Goals

Motivational water bottles are great at helping you stay focused on any goal you set for yourself.  There are so many distractions that it can be easy to lose focus and fail at achieving your goal.  Having a motivational water bottle can help bring that focus back and keep you on track to make sure you follow through.

Can Help You Keep Track Of Your Progress

If you struggle keeping track of how much water you consume during the day, having a water bottle can help out big time.

Having your water bottle marked to let you know how much water should have been consumed already will help you stay on track of you water consumption goals.

There is nothing more motivating than seeing you knock down every ounce of water you have marked on the bottle.

Great Way To Make Sure You Stay Hydrated

Last but not least, using a motivational water bottle is great way to stay hydrated period.  We get caught up so much in the sugars and sweets, that we forget to stick to the basics of what our body needs naturally.

There are so many benefits to drinking water, yet we come up with all the excuses in the world to not consume more of it.  So if a water bottle can help motivate you into drinking more water, then you should definitely give it a try.


So I hope you found this article on why you should get hydrated with a motivational water bottle helpful. You would be amazed at how a simple thing like a water bottle can help you you find success in your fitness goals.

If you’re looking to motivate your workouts, Amazon has a great selection of motivational water bottles to choose from.

If you have any thoughts or would like to share how your water bottle motivates you, then please leave a comment below.

7 Benefits of a Maxi Climber Full Body Workout

man rock climbing

If you haven’t heard about the Maxi Climber machine, you could be missing out on an amazing workout that you could do from the comfort of your very own home. Especially if you are someone that prefers working out at home rather than the gym.

With so many different exercise machines out there claiming to get you the results you are looking for, it’s easy to overlook the maxi climber as just another machine. But what makes this machine interesting, is the type of workout you can put yourself through while using it.

If you have never tried a maxi climber full body workout, then this might be a good time to try. Below are some of the reasons why:

Maxi Climber Full Body Workout

Unlike other cardio fitness machines like the treadmill or elliptical where you are doing the same old boring running motion. The maxi climber sets itself apart by having you truly workout the entire body.

By mimicking the same movements as someone that is actually rockclimbing.This machine has you doing that in the comfort of your very own home without the stress of worrying about falling off.

With the maxi climber full body workout, you are working out every muscle in the body. Allowing you to really get an intense workout and not worry about having another exercise machine collect dust like all the others.

The maxi climber will be sure to challenge you every time you get on it.

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Intense Workout Without The Stress On the Joints

flexing knee

If you are someone that struggles with joint pain, than there is no need to worry about the maxi climber adding to that pain. With the maxi climber you can enjoy an intense workout without worrying about putting any additional pain on the joints.

With other machines where you’re constantly pounding on the ground causing wear and tear on the joints, the maxi climber allows for easy motion with every stride. Not only that, if you are someone who suffers from back pain, the maxi climber adds no additional stress.

Because of the way your body is positioned when actually performing the exercise, the back is easily supported so that you can enjoy your workout without worries of back pain.

Can Workout Quietly

If you’ve ever been inside of a gym, then you know how loud machines can get. When deciding to purchase an exercise machine for your home, this is something to consider especially if you are someone that likes to workout early in the morning. Not having to worry about waking up others that may be sleeping.

What makes the maxi climber such a great exercise machine is due to fact that you can enjoy an intense workout without the noise. So no worries of having to stick the machine in the basement or somewhere in the garage, you can have the machine in the next room and not worry about interrupting anyone’s sleep.

Even if you are someone that likes to watch tv while working out, you can enjoy your favorite shows without having the loud noise of your machine interrupting your viewing pleasure. There’s no better way to enjoy a good workout, than by being distracted watching your favorite show. Makes the time go by so much quicker.

Can Train Multiple Times During The Week


One question that many people have when it comes to trying out new workouts is how many times can you train for a particular exercise. If you have ever tried weight training, then you would know that the body needs at least 48 hours of rest depending on the muscles you’ve trained.

You can learn more about exercising sore muscles here.

Well with a maxi climber full body workout, you can train on it multiple times per week without worrying about putting too much stress on the body. With that being said, rest is important or the body to get stronger so I would probably recommend that you train no more than 5 times per week with this machine.

You can also learn more by reading my article How Often Should You Exercise To Lose Weight.  Can help give you an idea of what is an optimal number of times one must exercise to help them get results.

Burn Fat Efficiently

Getting in shape is about finding the most efficient way to get the results you desire. Some people may be be into cardiovascular training and not resistance training, or vise versa.

When it comes to burning fat, finding a way to combine both cardio training and resistance training is probably the most effective way to get the job done. 

Burning fat is about speeding up your metabolism, and there is no better way to do that than by increasing the heart rate and by building muscle.

With the maxi climber full body workout, you are getting both with every workout. The faster your strides are and with the added resistance of your body, you are sure to sweat and burn fat at a more efficient rate.

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That being said, If I could find any fault with this machine, it would be not being to add more resistance as your body gets used to training. Although one way to combat that is by adding a weighted vest to your workouts. It’s a great way to increase the intensity of your workouts.

Burn More Calories Than Other Machines

Even though i’m not a big believer in the whole weight loss craze, since I believe that burning body fat is more important. When it comes to weight loss, many people fail to understand that in order to lose weight, you must burn more calories than you consume.7 benefits of a maxi climber full body workouts1

If you put your body in a caloric deficit of about 500 daily, you can lose 1-2 pounds a week, which is considered a healthy way to lose weight.

Compared to other machines like the treadmill and elliptical, you can burn more calories with a maxi climber full body workout.

So not only are you able to enjoy your new exercise machine, but you get to actually benefit from it as well.

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Maxi Climber Exercise Machine

If you are like the many who have ever owned a piece of fitness equipment, then you know how easy it is for it to soon become your own personal dust collector. Time and time again, exercise machines are bought with the excitement of new beginnings, only to be forgotten collectors item.

So making sure you find a machine that you will stay committed to on a daily basis is important for your fitness goals. What makes the maxi climber so unique is that not only will you get a killer workout, but you will find yourself really enjoying it as well.

Like in the previous paragraphs, it’s not like your typical workout where you are doing one boring motion. You are working the entire body to make sure you get the most out of your workout.


So if you’re looking for a way to get in a good full body workout and you’re not a big fan of the gym, the maxi climber machine is a good way to go.

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Along with proper diet, full body workouts can be a great way to not only save you time when exercising, but can also give you a more efficient workout. By giving you both a cardio and slight training when it comes to resistance, you can be sure to shed those inches quickly.

If you would like to learn more about what the maxi climber has to offer, you can read my total review of it here.

So like always, I hope you enjoyed reading this article and if you have any questions, please feel free to share below.


Losing Weight vs Losing Body Fat – What’s The Difference?

If you ask anyone that is looking to get in shape what their goal is, the first thing they will say is to lose weight. But I wonder sometimes if that’s what they really want? Or maybe what they really want to do is just get rid of the body fat that they have.

Afterall, weight is just a number and even if you do lose the desired weight, somehow there will still be an unsatisfied feeling. The battle between losing weight vs losing body fat is a battle that has been going on for quite some time now.

Since weight is something that can be easily measured just by jumping on a scale, it is easy to understand why most people choose to make that their top priority. So when it comes to getting in shape, what’s more important, losing weight, or burning fat?

In order to answer that question, we need to first understand the difference between the two.

What’s The Difference?

The term fitness can have many meanings depending on who you’re asking. If you were to ask someone what the term fitness means to them, you would hear things like:

  • Weight-loss
  • Have more endurance
  • Burn Fat
  • To be stronger
  • To have more energy, etc

Because the term fitness can have so many meanings, this makes it difficult for one person to really focus on what needs to be done to get the results they want. Losing weight is a very popular goal for man because it can be easily measured.

Saying you want to lose X amount of weight is much easier to understand than saying something like you want more endurance. Because of this, people tend to get caught up in the numbers.

The difference between losing weight and losing body fat is simple. Lowering your body weight can be a combination of muscle loss, fat loss, or bone loss. Doesn’t really mean much in terms of health, but since it is a number that can be measured, those with the goal of losing weight see it as a success since all they see is the number.

Fat loss is more about reducing the fat your body carries on a daily basis. What makes losing fat so important to understand is that it tends to take up more space than say muscle. This is key due to the fact that this can control how you look in terms of what you see everyday in the mirror.

Which in my opinion is more important, and not the weight, even if people don’t realize it.

Why The Scale Doesn’t Matter

Now raise your hand if you’ve ever gone to the doctors for a physical and heard them mention your BMI (body mass index)? Well bmi is a way those in the medical field calculate how healthy you are based on your weight and height.

If you haven’t heard already, there’s been much debate in terms of using bmi to determine how healthy someone may or may not be as it doesn’t factor in muscle mass/body fat. So it is important when it comes to being healthy, to understand that the scale is not a good indicator of good health.

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Weight Loss Can Be Misleading

If you are someone that tends to weigh themselves on a daily basis, then you know how much weight can fluctuate. There are so many reason for why you can lose or gain weight, and some of those reasons are:

  • If you’ve just eaten a meal
  • Water retention
  • Muscle/Fat loss or gain

You can drive yourself crazy trying to understand why you have lost or gained weight. This is why you see all those popular carb diets claiming to help you lose weight, especially when you start them. People tend to lose a lot of weight the first couple of weeks due to water loss.

This never lasts, since it is not a healthy way to lose weight. Another example is, if you take two people of the same height and weight. One is built full of muscle and the other of fat, who do you suppose is healthier. Which leads to my point in regards to muscle.

Muscle Takes Up Less Space

The great thing about building a body that contains more muscle than fat, is that muscle tends to take up less space than fat. Thus giving the body a more leaner look even though two people can be the same in terms of weight and height.

This is a big reason when someone who just started weight training will mention how they look leaner when looking in the mirror, but the scale hasn’t moved and In some cases they have even gained weight. This is usually due to the person having lost body fat and built more muscle.

This shows how unreliable weighing yourself can be

What’s Really Important

I tell people all the time, what’s really important is how you look and how you feel. If you are eating healthy and exercising on a regular basis, this will be a better way to gauge your health rather than how much weight you have lost.

Regardless if you lose 5 or 10 lbs, if you are not happy with what you see in the mirror, than it really doesn’t matter. Wanting to lose body fat is usually what people mean when they say they are looking to lose weight.

So I like to make sure I am educating people to the best of my ability to make sure I am finding out what they really want. Once that it done, it is easier to then show how they can accomplish that.

How to Track Your Progress

There are many ways to help track your progress so that you may have a better understanding of where you are in terms of physical fitness. Assuming you are eating healthy and exercising regularly, below are a few ways to track your progress.

  1. Make sure to take measurements – places include, waist, thighs, neck, arms and chest
  2. Keep track of your stats – regardless if you’re lifting weights or cardio training, make sure to keep track of your gains
  3. Stop weighing yourself – if you are weight training, you may find yourself gaining weight due to the muscles you’ve built up, thus giving you the impression you are not getting results.
  4. Make sure to take before and after pics – great way to take a snapshot of your gains as you progress through the weeks and months
  5. Keep records of your body fat – Fat calipers are a great way keep track of your body fat. Using this how to guide can help you make sure you are measuring yourself correctly.

You may run into a few issues like clothes not fitting the way they used to or people saying you look a little different, but i’m sure that an issue you can handle.

Final Thoughts

In the end, all we really want is to just be happy with what we see in the mirror everyday. There is so much noise out there telling us how much we should weigh, and how we should look, we almost forget that what really matters is how we feel about ourselves.

As long as you are doing what’s necessary to keep yourself healthy, then that is what is most important.

Just remember that good health starts with proper diet and exercise. Making sure you are eating healthy meals and keeping up with your daily fitness routine, the result are sure to follow.

I would love to hear your thoughts on what you’ve just read. If you have any questions, please don’t be afraid to share below.

Diet to Go Review – Does Diet to Go Deliver Weight Loss Results?

When it comes to reaching your fitness goals, everyone knows about the 80/20 rule.  80% is about proper nutrition and 20% is about daily exercise.  If you are serious about getting in shape and feeling great, this rule is necessary for you to get to where you want to be.

So it makes sense to start with a proper diet, and no I don’t mean the diet where it lasts for 30 days, and then you’re stuck looking for the next diet fad.  The diet i’m talking about requires a lifestyle change that you commit to on a daily basis.  In this diet to go review, I will help answer the question does diet to go deliver weight loss results?

Continue reading to find out.

diet to go review

About Diet to Go?

Diet to Go is one of the many meal delivery services that claim to offer fresh and healthy foods.  Their goal is to help make healthy eating both easy and affordable.  Diet to go understands that when it comes to healthy weight loss, diet is a big factor in that.

They want to make sure that you not only make healthy eating just about a diet, but a way of life.  Diet to Go offers USDA certified kitchens when it comes to preparing their ingredients.  They claim to provide their customers with fresh low calories meals to help them lose weight and support a healthy lifestyle.

Along with daily exercise, they are confident they can assist those who are looking to better their eating habits. Along with proper exercise, one will be able to better their health with the assistance of diet to go meal delivery service.

Diet to Go Price Packages

Diet to go prices are based on the type of package you select when setting up your plan.  Whether you are looking for a balanced, low carb or vegetarian meal, diet to go has a package for you.

Meal Types

  • Balance (Original or No Seafood)
  • Balance D (For Diabetics)
  • Carb30 – Low Carb Diet (Original or No Seafood)
  • Vegetarian

Calorie Options

  • 1,200 daily calories (recommended for women)
  • 1,600 daily calories (recommended for men)

Delivery Options (Days Per Week)

  • 5 Days
  • 7 Days

Delivery Option (Meals Per Day)

  • 2 Meals (includes lunch and dinner only)
  • 3 Meals (includes breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Please note that diet to go offers a fully customizable menu plan for you to choose from and based on your selections, your price is determined.  This makes it difficult to be able to give you an exact price.  Not only that, diet to go also includes a $19.98 shipping charge to have their food delivered to you.  So in order to get an exact price for your meal plan, I suggest you go to their website here to find out how much your meal plan would cost you.

Is This Service For You?

Like so many who struggle with losing weight, a big reason for this most of the time is due to lack of proper diet. So if you are someone that is looking for a service that can help you eat healthier, then diet to go may be an option for you.


One major reason for unhealthy eating for many individuals and families, is due to lack of time.  We are so busy working long hours at work, rarely do we have time to eat a nice home cooked meal.  With so many fast food places around, It’s easy to just drive by and get something to eat.

No wonder why getting in shape is so difficult for many. Being healthy takes commitment and discipline. Services like Diet to Go makes the process of eating healthier a little more simpler.

What Makes Diet To Go Different

Focus on Weight-Loss

Unlike many of the other popular meal delivery services out there, diet to go really puts their focus on those who are serious about losing weight.  Their meal plan options are designed specifically for those who are trying to lose weight. They use portion-controlled meal plans to make sure you are consuming the right amount for your weight loss needs.

Variety of Options

Regardless if you are looking for a balanced, low carb, or vegetarian meal, diet to go can provide that for you.  Diet to go allows you to fully customize your meal plan according to how you like your meals.  This makes ordering from them very easy and convenient.

They also let you choose which meal you want based on the amount of calories are included in each meal.  What also makes diet to go different is their ability to look out for those who may suffer from diabetes.  You can select a balanced diabetic plan to make sure you are given the proper attention to your diabetic needs.

Quality of Food

Diet to Go claims to deliver fresh and quality ingredients with every meal they offer.  In a time when it can be difficult to find quality ingredients to prepare our meals with, diet to go makes sure to supply you with ingredients they know you will enjoy.

Not only that, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the quality of our ingredients, they will make sure to make it right or refund your money back.

No Long Term Contracts

If you are like me, being stuck in a long term contract can make things difficult when it comes to flexibility.  Well Diet to Go takes that fear away by allowing its customers to try their service risk free.  If for any reason you feel the need to discontinue the service, diet to go allows you to quit the service at any time hassle free.

So if you want to just try them for a week and cancel them the following week, you can do that with no worries about being stuck.  This makes trying their service super easy and convenient.

Pros and Cons


  • Variety of meal plans to choose from (balanced, low carb, vegetarian).
  • Meals made specifically for those looking to lose weight.
  • Accounts for those who are diabetic and may be allergic to certain foods.
  • Meals claim to be prepared fresh with quality ingredients.
  • No long term commitment so can try out their service risk free
  • Saves you time at the grocery store when looking for fresh ingredients to cook with
  • Portion-controlled meals to make sure you are getting the right amount of food for your weight loss needs.
  • Depending on eating habits, can save you money if you like to eat out at restaurants often.
  • USDA Certified.


  • Price may be a bit higher compared to other meal delivery programs.
  • Not very convenient when it comes to delivery options.  Meal delivery is limited to certain parts of the U.S while pickup locations are limited to certain areas.
  • Does not offer free shipping to customers when delivering meals.

Final Thoughts and Ratings

My Rating: 3/5

with the rise in obesity rates in the U.S, it is important for everyone to really focus on how they eat on a daily basis. People are working longer hours at their jobs making it difficult to go home and have time to grocery shop and prepare a nice meal.

Especially when meal planning is essential to reaching your fitness goals, one must take eating a quality meal serious.  Although diet to go does make this process simpler, I do question somewhat the methods of their meal planning.

Diet to go offers low carb meals, and I am someone that believes that carbs are necessary for daily function as they provide energy for the body.  I say this because when it comes to bettering your health, proper diet and exercise in necessary to accomplish that goal.

In order to make sure you exercising the right way, you need energy to do so.  Carbs are key when it comes to that.  So unless you are someone that plans to not be active, then diet to go meal plan can definitely work.  I just would advise against just making nutrition the basis of your healthy living, since exercise is also very important.

If you are looking to lose weight and be healthy, then making sure you have a proper diet and exercise regularly is the key to having a healthy body.

How to Order From Diet to Go

Diet to go makes getting your first meals delivered to you simple and quick.  When making your first order with them, they will have you enter your zip code.  This is needed to make sure they are able to deliver to your area since it varies by location.  Once you do this, you can select your meal plan and will be given your delivery date.

If you need to pause or cancel your subscription with diet to go at anytime, you can do so within your account, or give them a call to let them know.

Redeem Your Offer and Get 10% Off Your First Diet to Go Order (New Customers Only) – Act Now while the deal is still available

Share Your Thoughts

Well I hope you enjoyed this diet to go review.  Does diet to go deliver weight loss results? They sure do have good intentions to do so.  

If you or anyone has experienced any weight loss using this service, please share below.  This will help ensure that our readers are making an informed decision when finding the right meal delivery service for them.

Is Herbalife Good For You? – Before You Buy

is herbalife good for you

I’ll be honest with you, I thought long and hard about writing this article. Due to the fact that there are those that swear by this product and will fight you tooth and nail to defend it.

But from talking to those that have either asked me to join or from others asking is herbalife good for you, it only made sense to write about it. Not only that, but from all the negative reviews that I have researched gave me even more reason to at least give my honest opinion on the matter.

See, i’m a big believer in that in order to get the results you are looking for, you have to put in the work. There are no shortcuts in life and companies like herbalife feast on finding those desperate for a quick fix. This is just one of the many reason i’m not a huge fan and there are many more to come.

So before you decide to buy a single herbalife product, make sure to read the rest of this article first. Like the many others that have tried and fail, make sure you don’t become one of them.

Herbalife….The Business

It’s safe to say that herbalife the business, is no small fish when it comes to the health and fitness industry. They are very successful and there is a good reason for that.

Their business structure sells you on the opportunity to make money with the business by helping others change their lives. They have great sales people that are good at driving this point across.

Even if the person isn’t interested in joining the business, they can at least then sell you the opportunity for better healthy with their products.

There have been so many companies out there that claim their product can help you lose weight and get you the body you dream of, and herbalife is no different.

Only recently has news surfaced about a $200 million settlement into the practices of herbalife’s business structure.

Basically stating that herbalife focused not on retail sales of their products, but the recruitment of other salespeople promising big profits on selling their merchandise (read this article for more).

Now if their business structure can be called into question, then what does that say about their products. So let’s get into that.

Are Ingredients Worth The Price?

When it comes to the ingredients herbalife puts into their products, I’ll be honest, I can’t even pronounce most of what’s in this stuff. There’s enough ingredients in there to fill an english dictionary.

I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time understanding why something that is supposed to be so healthy for you, requires so many ingredients. Maybe that is a good way for them to justify the prices they charge to use their products.

One thing that does concern me is how much the salespeople make for selling these products. I’m sure that they get paid very well, but I question if the people that buy the products alone are actually getting quality ingredients for the prices they pay for it.

Most people tend to not really care about what type of ingredients are in the things they consume as long as they work. But when you are paying good money for something, you want make sure you get your money’s worth.

Calorie Restriction…Carbs, Fats, Proteins

When it comes to losing or gaining weight, I tell people all the time, if you consume more calories than you burn, you will gain weight. When it comes to losing weight, if you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight.

Most people know that calories are what matters, which is why people feel the need to count calories. First of all, who has time for all that. That’s a sure fire way to drive yourself crazy and forget all about tracking what you eat. As long as you are eating the right types of food and exercising regularly, you will be fine.

So when I see how much herbalife requires those using it to restrict their calorie intake, I really have to question the reasoning for it. Our calories comes from three main sources, Carbohydrates, Fats, and Proteins.

The human body would struggle to survive without calories as they are our main source of energy. Yea i get it, if you reduce the amount of calories taken, the chances of you losing weight most definitely increases. But is that healthy?

Eating less calories, thus eating less food. Sure you will probably lose weight, but the body has a funny way of adapting to adverse situations and that’s where you metabolism kicks in…

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Can Slow Down Metabolism

When your body realizes that you are not supplying it with enough calories, it goes into survivor mode and knows that it needs to conserve the energy it does have for your body to function properly. Therefore your metabolism slows down and we all know what comes next.

Weight gain and body fat tends to increase. This is the opposite of what you want to happen when you are taking on a diet to lose weight. In order to burn fat and lose weight efficiently, you need to build muscle and feed your body the proper nutrients to feed those muscles.

Which will increase your metabolism, thus helping you lose weight the right way. This just isn’t possible when you restrict your calories by the amount you do taking herbalife products.

Can Make You Hungry And Increase Cravings

I don’t know about you, but if all I was allowed to eat was 2 shakes, 2 snacks and 1 meal for an entire day, I would go mad. By restricting your calorie intake in such an unhealthy manner, you will find yourself becoming hungrier which will only increase your cravings for low quality foods.

This idea that eating less will help you lose weight is a thought that needs to be corrected. For one, each person’s body is different and will react differently depending on the stress being put on the body. Two, if eating less was the solution, there would be no need to take products like herbalife.

All you would need to do is eat bread and drink water everyday.

There are many situation where people have actually gained weight due to lack of eating, and that is due to the fact of how metabolism works as mentioned in the previous paragraph.

As long as you are being responsible with the food you eat, you will come to understand that you can eat the foods you enjoy most and still maintain good health.

Side Effects

If you know anyone that has ever tried herbalife products, i’m sure they can tell you the effects they’ve had after trying it. If you don’t know anyone, you can easily go online and find the horror stories of those who have tried it.

Some have reported headaches, dizziness, upset stomach and many trips to the bathroom. I don’t know, maybe because when you are not eating real food regularly, you body tends to react in a way that let’s you know you are not feeding it correctly.

Your digestive systems requires real food for it to work properly. Going on a liquid diet may be ok if you are trying to cleanse out the system for a week, but that is in no way a recipe for long term success. Eating solid foods is and will always be the way to go. You just have to make sure you are eating the right types of food.

Yea i’m sure you could find those that will say it has worked great for them and I don’t doubt that. My concern is for the many that have tried and had a horrible experience with it. Because when it comes to your health, it is either good for you, or it’s not.

There are too many of those that have had a bad experience and that is just unacceptable.

No Magic Pill

Don’t think I forgot about the pills you have to take. Many people have told me about the amount of horse like pills that need to be taken along with all the other things they offer. I’m surprised people haven’t caught onto the fact that there are absolutely no magic pills when it comes to losing weight.

They don’t work, they are not healthy, and they sure aren’t fun to take. Eating real food is a way better option than taking a pill, but I understand many are looking for a solution to their weight problems.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Maybe after reading this article, you still want to be that brave soul that is desperate for results and will still decide to try herbalife.

Well before you make that choice, they do offer a 30 day money back guarantee, but from the many stories I have read, getting your money back may not be the easiest thing in the world. I am someone that feels when it comes to getting your money back, companies should make that process simple.

Just as fast as it took to take the money from you, it should be just as quick to give it back. But if you still want to give it a try, hey go ahead and be my guest. Just don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

Breaking It All Down

I can’t stress to you enough how important it is to make your fitness and health more about a lifestyle and not some quick fix. No type of diet beats eating a nice healthy meal along with proper supplements.

Any supplement you take should do just that, supplement your diet and exercise routine. It should not replace it and cause your body to take on more harm than necessary. Meal planning is important when it comes to making sure you are eating the right food each week.

Now I can understand these days with work and taking care of kids, finding time to prepare a nice meal can be difficult. But in order for you to get the results you want, you have to make sure to provide your body with the necessary fuel to make sure you are able to get through your daily activities.  

Instead of paying a lot of money on pills and shakes, there are meal delivery services out there you can try risk free that can assist you in your meal planning needs. Services like Blue Apron, Plated, and Home Chef to name a few.

You can click here to read my blue apron review and see if it is something that may be for you.

I hope this article helped answer any question you may have about trying out herbalife. The intent was not meant to bash them, but I felt I needed to let everyone reading this know the risks they are taking from trying them.

Just remember that there are no shortcuts to getting results, and that you have to put in the work. So don’t get discouraged and know that it is possible, you just have to tell yourself that you can.

I would love to hear your thoughts or questions on this subject, so please don’t be afraid to share them below.