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What Is Cardio Kickboxing? – Why You Should Try It

what is cardio kickboxing

Cardio Kickboxing is a group fitness class that combines martial arts with high intensity interval training, also known as HIIT.  It is more of a fitness workout and not competition as some would think.

Regardless if you are a beginner or a kickboxer elite, this workout will make sure to get your heart pumping and blood flowing every second of class.

Not only do you get an awesome cardio workout, but you also build lean muscles in the process. With every punch and kick on the bags, you will no doubt enjoy this fun and intense workout.

What To Expect

You should expect to be lead by an experienced instructor who’s job is not only to guide you through the workout, but also get you pumped up as you get ready to work your entire body with this exercise.

The classes are usually an hour long, but I doubt you will even notice since you will be too busy trying to wipe the sweat off your forehead.  Each class usually starts off with a 15 minute warm-up where you will do a series of upper and lower body exercises.

This usually is the toughest part for most members since there are very few moments to rest during each exercise. Keep in mind that you are allowed to rest, but the less rest the better the workout. Although make sure to use caution and go at your own pace.

The warmup is followed by stretching and then 25 minutes of heavy bag work. YES! The fun part. There is usually 6 rounds with 3 minutes for each round. You will go through a different set of combinations as you progress through each round.

Each round the volume of combos will increase testing both coordination and endurance. Some of the combos you will learn during your workout is:

Upper Body combos include:

  • Jabs
  • Cross
  • Uppercut
  • Hooks
  • Spinning Back Fists
  • Superman Punch

Lower Body combos include:

  • Front Kicks
  • Side Kicks
  • Roundhouse Kicks

The Instructor’s job is to make sure to teach you proper technique with each combo learned.  After the heavy bag round, you will then partner up with a friend or any member available and instead of combos on the bag, you will be doing combos on your partner’s glove.

Keep in mind that this is a non-contact workout, so you are not allowed to hit your partner…on purpose that is. So doing partner drills is a great way to have fun and focus on accuracy and coordination.

Partner drills is then followed by cooperative conditioning and then the cool down. This workout is a great way to focus on challenging yourself both mentally and physically.

Who Should Try It

If you are someone looking to burn fat, build muscle and lose weight, then cardio kickboxing is for you. Especially if you are someone that has grown bored with their regular stationary cardio equipment like treadmills, ellipticals and stairmasters.

Regardless of skill level, you can try out cardio kickboxing. What makes taking a cardio kickboxing class so fun is that you don’t have to have any previous martial arts experience. If you are new, make sure you start off slow and that you are patient with yourself as you try learning the movements.

It’s easy to get frustrated as you learn these new techniques, but as long as you don’t give up on yourself. you will develop more confidence as you put in more reps. If you are someone that is experienced and looking for a workout that will keep you from being bored, then cardio kickboxing will make sure to keep you active and engaged.

How Many Calories Can You Burn?

Depending on how much effort you put into each class, you can burn anywhere from 500-900 calories. It is advised that if it is your first class, that you go about 50% and go at your own pace.

Than as you get comfortable and know what to expect, then you can increase the intensity with each class. Also if you are someone that is serious about getting real results, then it is recommended that you go at least 3 times a week. When it comes to getting results, you have to put in the time and effort.

If you want to learn how often you should exercise to lose weight, then I recommend you click here to learn more about losing weight.

How to Start

Look for any martial art studio near you. Gyms also may offer cardio kickboxing classes well, so make sure to check your local gyms.  A couple of things you may want to take note of before you find a studio that offers cardio kickboxing classes are:

  • Be prepared to workout in barefoot or socks as some studios do not allow any shoes on the mats. So Make sure to ask the studio what their policy regarding this matter.
  • Make sure to wear comfortable clothing that you would wear at the gym. You will sweat so I would def leave the sweater at home.
  • Bring a towel and a bottle of water since you will most likely sweat a lot and will find yourself needing to hydrate.
  • If it’s your first class, be prepared to show up about 30 minutes before class starts to go over paperwork.
  • Last but not least, bring your smile and awesome attitude, because the people there are
  • usually there to help you and make you feel apart of the community within their studio.


When it comes to fitness, finding something you will like is very important as motivation is usually a struggle for most people working on taking care of their health.  For some people, the gym can be boring, and cardio kickboxing for some is a great way to relieve some stress and frustration and have fun all at the same time.

So if you can find a studio near you that offers classes, it’s definitely worth it to give it a try and you never know, you may come to really like it.

So please share below your thoughts on cardio kickboxing and let us know if you have ever taken a class.

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What Is The Best Home Exercise Equipment? – For Beginners

what is the best home exercise equipment

If you are new to exercising, figuring out where to start can be difficult.  For a lot of people, working out at a gym can be intimidating.  So maybe you’re thinking that working out in the comfort of your own home is a good place to start.  If so, making sure you have the right equipment is going to be crucial.

In this article, I will go over some home exercise equipment that beginners should use when starting off with fitness. Regardless of your fitness goals, anyone of these items listed below can help give you a jumpstart in your fitness journey.

Jump Rope

One of the most difficult things for anyone starting off with exercise is feeling comfortable with how their body moves when exercising.  So it would be a good idea for anyone getting started, to workout with a jump rope as it helps improve endurance and coordination.

Jumping rope requires you to move your whole body in order to complete a perfect skip while turning the rope. When it comes to improving endurance, this total body workout will get the heart pumping and blood flowing. You can control the intensity of the workout depending on tempo you take when jumping rope.

What also makes having a jump rope so important is the fact that it doesn’t require much space. If you travel and are looking to get a good cardio workout during your trip, you can easily take it with you on the go.

Ab Roller

There is so much more to abs than having a well defined 6 pack, thus the reason many people forget this important part of the body. The core being that important part. This is extremely important if you are new to exercise.  

The core is your center and where a majority of your balance comes from when it comes to working out. The core consists of the stomach, pelvic muscles and lower back.  

There are so many benefits of having a strong core, yet so many people neglect to work on it.  Strengthening your core is crucial as you continue to build your body for more intense workouts.

Exercise Ball

Whether you are into yoga or strength training, an exercise ball can be a very useful tool as you go through your exercise routines.  An exercise ball can be a great way to help improve you balance and help work on your stabilization muscles since balance is usually an issue for beginners. There are a variety of exercises you can do that will help you workout all parts of your body.


If your goal is to build muscle, then you will have no problems accomplishing that with dumbbells. This is one of the most popular tools to have as you can do so many different workouts.

You wouldn’t have to worry about waiting to use it as you would at a gym. You can now find dumbbell sets where you can adjust the weight with ease.

Push-up Bars

Push ups are a great exercise as you work on building strength.  But if you are like me, doing push ups with your hands can put a lot of stress on your wrists.  So a good way to avoid putting that much stress on them is to get push up bars.

They allow you to not have to flex your wrists as much as you would if you were doing them on your hands. They allow your wrists to be stable and let you focus more on actually performing the exercise.

There are many different types of bars out there, so making sure you get one that is comfortable and stable will help assure you get a great workout.


So there you have it. If you are a beginner and are having trouble with how to start exercising, the list above is a great way to start. They don’t require that much space and is very cost effective.  

Do keep in mind that finding motivation can be tough when working out at home. So if you are able to overcome that, you can save money and time from going to a gym.  

So please go ahead and share below how you plan on getting started exercising and if you think the items listed above could help you.

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Best Fitness And Exercise Equipment You Can Use At Home

For some, going to the gym can seem like a huge chore. Depending on the time you go, you could find yourself waiting for the next available machine as if you forgot to make reservations or something.

So it’s easy to understand why a lot of people would rather exercise in their own home instead of going to a gym. But having the right equipment available is crucial to making sure you are getting the best workout possible.

So what are the best fitness and exercise equipment you can use at home? Below are some I would recommend anyone that prefers to workout in the comfort of their own home.

Push-up Bar

One of the most popular bodyweight exercises to do is the push up, and the push-up bar is a great tool to use if you are someone that prefers to do their exercise at home rather than the gym.

You can pretty much store the bar anywhere in the house since it doesn’t take up too much space.  

With the push-up bar, not only will you be working on getting your chest muscles stronger, but with every push up you do, you will also be working out the triceps and shoulders.

Pull-up Bar

If you are someone who’s goal is to master the pull-up, but are afraid to make the attempts in a gym, then the pull-up bar is a great tool to have.  

It usually is placed between the frame of most doors in your house.  It’s a great way to practice and gain strength in your upper body.

There are also some pull-up bars that also allow you to perform push-ups as well.  You can read about the Best Pull Up Bars For The Home to learn which one will work best for you.

Muscles targeted when doing pull-ups are the the biceps, lats, and back.  

Ab Roller

If you are looking to get that killer 6 pack, then the ab roller will do the trick.  Regardless of what level you are, the ab roller will be able to assist you in your workout.

Some think the ab roller is just for working the abs, but what makes it so great is the fact that is also works out the core. Which consists of the lower back, pelvic muscles and abs.  

Building up a strong core can help with anyone that has lower back pain and can help prevent future injuries from occurring.  

Although there are many Ab Rollers out there, one of the most popular ones out there is the ab carver pro.  Resistance Band

The versatility of resistance band makes this such a popular product in many homes especially if you are someone that is rehabbing an injury and can’t go heavy.  

Bands allow you to perform a variety of exercises within the comfort of your own home.  You could also have the bands assist you if you are unable to perform a pull-up on your own.  

You can also get bands where there are different resistance levels as you get stronger in your workouts.

Exercise Ball

If you are looking to increase the intensity of any regular exercise you do at home, using an exercise ball is a great way to do that.  Whether you are working out your core or looking to improve your balance, adding an exercise ball can make your workout a lot more fun.

There are so many different workouts you can do using an exercise ball, that you will find it difficult to ever get bored with it.  

You may struggle with finding space to put it as it may not fit every space in your house, but I doubt you will have much of an issue with it as you are performing your workouts.


Having a treadmill is great for runners that hate having to wait at crowded gyms for the next available machine.  Whether it’s too cold or too hot outside, having a treadmill in the house makes working out simple.

The only negative is making sure you have enough space available in your home as it does take up a lot of space.  Other than that, this machine is a great tool to add to your fitness arsenal.

Row Machine

Maybe one of the most underrated machines out there.  If you are someone that is really into cardio and working out the whole body, then a row machine would be great to have.  

This machine allows you to work almost every part of the body with each row that is taken. It is easy on the joints and gives your muscle and heart the burn it needs to leave your feeling good about your workout.

This machine also requires a bit of space and some man power to get into the home, but it will be well worth it as you begin your exercise routine.

Jump Rope

Jumping rope is a great way to improve endurance and coordination.  If you’ve ever seen the movie rocky or watched any professional boxer, there is a reason why they incorporate this type of exercise into their training.

You are working the entire body while getting that heart rate elevated into fat burning mode.It’s also a great ab workout as you need to keep the stomach tight as you concentrate on the up and down movement.

What also makes this such a great tool is the fact that is so cost effective and pretty much fits anywhere in the house.


If you are into lifting weights but can’t stand the gym atmosphere, then getting your own set of dumbbells is the way to go.  You can now get the dumbbells that adjust in weights without you having to put in too much effort.  

You can do a variety of exercises and workout all types of muscles in your home.  

Other than the weight of having to carry it, there isn’t much negatives to find with having your own set of dumbbells.

So there you have it.  The best equipments you can use in the comfort of your very own home.  Depending on what type of exercise you like, anyone of these tools can help you have a safe and very effective workout.

So don’t be afraid to share below how any of the equipment listed has helped you in your fitness journey.

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Ab Carver Pro Review – Build Stronger Abs

When it comes to doing ab workouts, there isn’t a routine I do that doesn’t involve the ab carver pro. Even when i’m too busy and can’t make it to the gym, I just bring out the ab carver pro and do my ab workouts in the comfort of my home.

On days where I am unable to make it to the gym, I will decide to do multiple sets of ab workouts first thing in the morning. I don’t have to worry about waiting on any machines at the gym or having to feel bad if I can’t make it to the gym.

I can work on all parts of my abs with one single machine, which makes working out with the Ab Carver Pro so amazing. What also makes this machine so great is that it not only works the ab, but more importantly, the core.

That’s why I’m excited to be able to share with you some of the amazing benefits of using this machine in this review.

Ab Carver Pro Results training levels

Gone are the days where you thought doing a thousand crunches would get you the results you wanted. With the Ab Carver Pro, you are able to focus on a larger target when it comes to building solid abs.

Not only are you working out the stomach, but you are also strengthening the core. Which consists of the lower back, pelvis and abs.

Strengthening the core allows you to be more balanced and helps improves other physical activity done during the day. By focusing on the core, you will be able to reap the many health benefits it can provide.

Regardless of your experience, you can adjust your ab workouts according to your fitness level.

Can Improve Lower Back Pain

If you are someone who is dealing with lower back pain, there can be a handful of reasons for this. Sometimes it is due to some type of trauma put on the back, but most of the times it is due to a weak core.

Research has shown that lower back pain can be attributed to having a weak core, and those that have gone on to strengthen it, came back reporting less pain in their lower back.

With this machine, you can help strengthen your core which will also improve your posture and and prevent future injuries from occurring

Support And Comfort support

The Ab Carver Pro was made with your comfort in mind.

The handles were made to be easy on both the wrists and hands as you are able to have a firm grip so you don’t slip as you are doing your ab workout.

It also comes with knee pads for those with hardwood floors at home.

You are able to roll back and forth with ease and not have to worry about any discomfort other than the killer workout you are putting your abs through.

The wheel rolls flawlessly in any direction you go as you move the wheel. Putting your abs through different angles to work the entire core.

Other Parts Of The Body

Not only are you giving your abs a workout, but the arms and shoulders get a piece of the action as well. See that’s what make the ab carver pro so great, a simple motion where you are rolling back in forth allows you to activate the other parts of the body as well.

In order to keep yourself up and balanced, your arms and shoulders have to be engaged. So not only are you getting a killer ab workout, but also building up the muscles of your arms and shoulders, helping giving it that nice lean look.

Will It Burn That Annoying Belly Fat

Keep in mind that burning belly fat is more about burning calories, and the simple formula for how that works is if you burn more calories than you consume, then you will burn fat and lose weight. The Ab Carver website has a number of exercises to help you progress through your workouts.  

So as long as you are being active with the ab carver pro and consistently doing the exercises at least 3 days a week, also making sure to maintain a healthy diet, you will see the magic of the ab carver. It will help bring that definition you are looking for when it comes to sculpting your abs.

If you are able to add this ab workout along with any other exercises you do during the week, I am confident you will see results in no time.

Does The Ab Carver Pro Work?

Fitness and Health is very important to me and if you are someone that is looking to strengthen their core and get nice looking abs, then I believe this product will work for you as do many others who LOVE their Ab Carver Pro.

It was hard for me to find any drawbacks with this product as it is a great product and the price is just right. As nice as it is to have that awesome 6 pack, core strength is just as important.

Especially if you are someone who struggles with lower back pain. You would be amazed at how a simple core workout could improve back pain immediately. I look at the 6 pack as an added bonus to the core strength you will develop during your workouts.

If these benefits sound like something you would enjoy, then I would highly recommend you pick up your very own Ab Carver Pro. If you are a big online shopper like myself, a great place to go and get it is amazon, as they will make sure you are able to receive it quickly.

They also offer the best deals for this ab roller. I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any question on the Ab Carver Pro or want to share your experience with it, please leave a comment below.


What Is Floating Therapy? – Should You Try It?

what is floating therapy

Finding new ways to relax is so important these days especially with stress being a big part of everyone’s lives. Having that moment to yourself to get lost in your thoughts is a dream that everyone can relate to.

With so many different types of therapies out there to help relax the mind, it’s no wonder why some are curious when a unique type of therapy is introduced to the world where it involves floating in water.

So what is this new therapy and should you try it? If it can help reduce stress and help improve your health, then I say why not. But let’s first learn what this type of therapy is.

What is Float Therapy?

It is a form of therapy where one can go and clear the mind from the daily stresses of life. This type of therapy has also been known to help ease pain in certain areas of the body.

How it works is, you are put into a tank filled with water and 800lbs of Epsom Salt. This high dosage of salt is what allows the body to float. While in this tank, you are able to relax and allow the mind to wonder creating a relaxed state of mind.

Since this is a private area, you are allowed to enter the tank undressed and not have to worry about not having your privacy. Each session usually lasts for 1 hour where you have the space all to yourself.

Can It Help Reduce Stress?

Although each experience is different for everyone, floating in water has been known to be a very enjoyable experience.

People have stated that floating has been able to heal many conditions such as stress, anxiety, pain, swelling and insomnia. Swedish researchers have compared floating to taking a hot long bath.

Only difference is the temperature is maintained at the correct level throughout the therapy and your sides are not touching the walls of the tank.

Is it Safe?

It is said to be very safe when it comes to some of the concerns many people have about being put into a tank. Some of those fears are drowning, not getting enough air, being alone in the dark and claustrophobia.

There is no need to worry about this as you are able to have the door open or close as you go through your therapy, giving you total control of the situation.

As far as drowning goes, due to the high levels of salt in the water, it would be hard to sink under water. Thus allowing your body to be free and relaxed.


Float therapy has been academically researched in both Sweden and in the United States. Float Therapy is a great way to relax the mind and allow the body to heal itself both mentally and physically.

Consider it a new way to treat yourself on days where you need to get away and have time to yourself. I’m sure we all could use that alone time away from the stresses of life.

If you have any questions about floating therapy or if you or anyone you know has experienced this type of therapy and would like to share, please feel free to leave a comment below.